Tune In: The Bachelor

Don't miss the two night premier of The Bachelor starting on Sunday, Jaun-uary 5th! Although my husband wishes it would, The Bachelor franchise never gets old to me. This season we get to following Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's cast off Juan Pablo Galavis on his search for true love and a step mommy for his precious daughter, Camilla.

America can't get enough of Juan Pablo's cute smile, 6-pack abs, and oooooohhhhh, that accent! ABC has recently released the photos and bios of the 27 women who will be vying for Juan's heart. You can see the full list on The Bachelor's Facebook page or at ABC.com, but here are my top three picks for Juan Pablo (in no particular order):

Why I love these girls for Juan Pablo:

1. They're not white. They are exotic looking.

2. All have real jobs.

3. All are at an age where marriage should be something they can handle.
So if Juan likes blondes I have totally picked wrong. Either way, I can't wait for another season of hot tubs, kisses, crying, back stabbing, roses, outrageous dates, near nakedness, and true love!


  1. Are you blogging the whole season? I blog with another friend, but it would be fun to collaborate with a few others.

  2. So excited! I read an article in People magazine where Juan Pablo says he prefers brunettes, so you hit the nail on the head!


  3. I can't wait to watch! And I'm excited to be blogging with you this season! :)