Galentine's Day: Celebrating Your Gal Pals

I've never been huge into Valentine's Day. Prior to my husband, I had one Valentine's date ever. When I was little my dad would get me a card and a new CD or candy or something small like that. Nick and I got married two weeks after Valentine's Day (March 1) and because of that and the fact that we're not really romantic people we usually just skip it.

However, there is a great thing called Galentine's Day that I can totally get behind.

When dealing with our husbands, family, and work our girlfriends can often be put on the back burner. Use February 13 as a special day just for them! Leave your men at home! Galentine's Day is a great way to celebrate with married, single, dating, engaged and divorced gal pals. It's all about love between friends!

The key to making a Galentine's get together amazing is to personalize it for you friends and make each one feel special. Your time and effort will most definitely be appreciated by your girls. Throw a tea party (perferably Downton Abbey themed), Girls Night In, Girls Night Out, host a brunch, or do a spa day.

This year I'll be focusing on sharing how to throw the perfect Galentine's Day Brunch complete with favors, decor, invitations, gifts, and food! So look for my upcoming Galentine's Day Brunch installments that will get your ready just in time for the big day!


  1. I love this idea! Especially a Downton-themed tea party ... or viewing party. =D

  2. How fun. I love this idea! However, since I'm not married, February 14th will probably remain my Galentine's Day :) Have a great weekend!

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