Blogging The Bachelor: Week 2

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No spoilers (because they suck and ruin the fun)!

Last week I predicted my top three for Juan's first one on one dates. I predicted Kat, Clare, and Renee. Who did he pick? Clare and Kat!

First, Clare “Winter Wonderland” date:
So sweet and romantic, but really boring!
I don't really get Clare. She seems like she is saying what she thinks are the right things. I can't say she did anything to make me like her.

Second, Kat's “Electric Run” date:
Based on the previews I totally thought he was taking her to a rave. This was so much better!
Although, I don't really know how much quality time they spent together on this date, it looked like Juan had a more natural connection with Kat than Clare. She's cuter too!

Group date time!
Model and Mutts! LOVE IT probably because I'm obsessed with my own dog!
I don't blame Elise and Andi for being upset about having to wear signs. I WOULD NOT do that. Elise was super smart to trade with Lucy and Juan Pablo was so sweet with Andi about it!
Chelsie is a little annoying.

Cassandra's outfit for the evening portion of the group date was thigh high boots and a dress with lace up neck line. Not my favorite.

I feel Renee is very genuine. She may be into Juan more than he's into her.

Victoria... WOW. And I thought Lucy was going to be the crazy one. Was she still in her bathing suit the next morning in the hotel?
I predicted Nikki to get the group date rose. He seemed to be really liking her during the Model and Mutts and the evening portion of the group date. Kelly got the rose. What?!? Where did that come from?
Rose Ceremony:

I love how Juan Pablo singled out the girls he did not go on dates with first.

Cassandra may have been dressed like a hooch at on the group date, but she was best dressed at the rose ceremony in a sparkly plum colored number.
Amy and Chantel were sent home. I kind of figured Amy was going home after that weird news caster thing during during her one on one time. I would have like to have seen more of Chantel. She seemed so smart and genuine in her interviews.

In other news...

1. Bachelor Cast Off Kylie Lewis: Producers Set Me Up to Be Humiliated... Really? Or are you just a embarrassed air head?

2. Did you hear Bachelor/Bachelorette alum Emily Maynard is engaged for the fourth time?! This time she's set to tie the knot with a local yocal named Tyler Johnson. They got engaged at her home in Charlotte on January 4. Tyler presented Em with 5 diamond-studded bands. Sick of engagement rings, are we, Emily? Here's to hoping this one sticks!


  1. This is fun! I agree the group date rose seemed arbitrary. The editors did n't do a good job of showing us why this happened. As for the signs - I think it was irresponsible of The Bachelor to request that of the girls- maybe offer but not force. Juan Pablo is proving to be the most mature Bachelor ever. I am impressed with him.

    1. I'm very impressed with him. He really weighs his decisions thoughfully!

  2. Love it! I think Renee seems really sweet and genuinely a good person, but I don't see him taking her that far unfortunately. I actually think Chelsie is funny, but maybe I just like her name haha


  3. Wow, good job picking the first one on ones!! And I totally thought the same thing about the electric run. It looked super fun, but not sure how much they got to know each other!

  4. I'm really worried about Renee. She is so cute, and he obviously likes that she's a mom, but I'm afraid she is going to get her heart broken. Victoria is just way too much. I just can't even start with her.

  5. Victoria is seriously crazy... I think it was really good that JP sent her home and showed he is serious about the show!