Galentine's Day Brunch - Decor

When dealing with our husbands, family, and work our girlfriends can often be put on the back burner. Use February 13 as a special day just for them! Leave your men at home! Galentine's Day is a great way to celebrate with married, single, dating, engaged and divorced gal pals. It's all about love between friends!

Thank you for joining me for Part II of my four part Galentine's Day Brunch series. I have already covered favors and invitations, so today we will be talking about décor.

The décor sets the theme and tone of any party. There is so much you can convey to your guests just by the way the room is decorated and the way the food is presented. Will it be a casual or more formal get together? The key to décor at  a Galentine's Day Brunch is make the party seem warm, inviting, and intimate. There are so many different ways to decorate to keep with the Galentine's theme!

This table is very feminine and easy to put together. All you will need is a plain, white tablecloth, paper doilies from the craft store, mix and match dishes, votive candle holders, and your favorite vases.

Add fresh flowers to the vases from your super market. If you have a bigger budget, support your local florist by picking flowers from his or her shop.

Sheet music makes a unique and very feminine place setting. Are you a traveler? Use maps. You can also use book pages or create your own with your favorite love quotes. It's easy to make paper look old by simply dabbing it with a tea bag and let it dry.

The black and white striped table runner makes this table décor a little more modern. This setting still has feminine touches with the pink table cloth and fresh flowers. Try using mason jars with a single lace ribbon wrapped around them. Again, add fresh flowers from your grocery store, farmer's market, or florist.

This table offers a fun and flirty style with a mix of patterns. Try mixing stripes and polka dots! Pink rock candy makes for great centerpieces and take homes, and layering smaller paper plates on top of a larger paper plates makes using paper wear more elegant.

  • Ask your neighbors, family, and co workers for help. If you want to use china, but don't have any see what your gang can come up with. Some may uncover antiques and heirlooms that they are willing to let you use.
  • It's not about how much you spend, but the effort you put into it. If you can only have the budget for paper plates and a paper tablecloth, then go with the paper wear! The main idea of the brunch is about being with friends! 
  • Keep in mind that DIY and mix and match are very trendy right now!
Make sure to come back for Parts III and IV - food and gifts!


  1. All the tables look so girly and beautiful!!

    1. Thanks! I tried to pick tables that were girly, but still different form each other to feature.

  2. So cute! I really want a galentines day brunch. I think I need to make this happen.
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  3. How have I never heard of this?? What a cute play on words!

  4. sooo beautiful! you have just inspired me to host a brunch!

  5. I´ve never heard about it, but I guess that I like it more than Valentine´s day. :)
    I´d be glad if you enter on my Giveaway

  6. :) It's forces you to set aside a day for your friends. We get carried away with work and husbands, etc. that we often forget to take time for our friends!