Blogging The Bachelor: Week 4

So I was a total bum and went to bed early on Monday night. I love my DVR. Here are my amazingly intellegent thoughts on the last episode of El Bachelor. Better late than never!

We are now a month into Juan Pablo's journey and it's time to link up again! Aubrey, Kimberly, and I would love for you to join us. Don't worry - you can still participate even if you name doesn't end with a Y.  ;) We have so much fun reading other Bachelor fans posts! Just remember, no spoilers (they suck and ruin the fun).

I hope Nikki, Renee, or Andi gets a one on one date tonight. He clearly likes Andi and Nikki and I would love to see him grow those relationships. I think he needs to make up his mind about Renee and what better way to do that then on a one on one date?! However, I think one of the one on ones will go to Sharleen this week. Why is he so into her?!

Elise and Kelly have got to go. They are total drama mamas. However, I think Danielle and Lauren will be left without roses at the end of the night. They have had little to no screen time and I can't see them getting much more.

Grupo Fecha Numero Uno
The group date card has arrived and I can already tell this is going to be a rough week for Nikki. Nikki gets nasty when she's insecure.

I think I am too old to understand what K Pop is.

Kat needs to take a take a chill pill and eat a piece of humble pie. She should get her fake boobs under wraps while she's at it. I'm tired of being forced to look at them.

Wow. They 80s called they want their clothes back. Cassandra is so tall and thin and those spandex striped pants are making her butt look huge, and Juan Pablo's outfit is kind of channeling Michael Jackson.

Cassandra is still shy, but her personality came out more this week. I like how she has a zero BS tolerance. I's starting to like her more because of the maturity she is showing.

I don't think these girls have ever heard of blotting sheets. Everyone is so shiny!

Uno a Juan Pablo con una a Sharleen
Can't say I'm suprised that Sharleen got the one on one. I'm still trying to figure out where JP is coming from with this one. Anyway on to the date...

I didn't hate this date like I thought I would. I felt it was really authentic. It was nice to see two people on this show talk and not watch them shove their tongues down each others throats (not that this didn't happen later in the date).

I really like Sharleen's honesty about having children and having dated a man with a child. I like that she is being thoughtful and realistic about the process.

Grupo Fecha Numero Dos
Renee looked great in her turquoise jeans and white top! Her loose waves and jewlery make the outfit sophisticated casual.

The karaoke room reminded me of a peep show booth. Just sayin'.

I freakin' hate fish.

Juan Pablo decides to cut back on the kissing. Did he forget that he's The Bachelor? Take advantage of that, man!

I loved JP and Andi's time together. So sweet!

Compared to his time with Lauren... so freakin' awkward. No kiss? Why don't you go cry about it. Oh, you did... and in front of JP. No rose for you.

I love Kelly's assessments of Clare. Right on and so funny.

Rose Ceremonia
Nikki interrupted Clare's time! Shit's about to get real. I don't think this was the last of the Clare vs. Nikki drama.

Although she may have been the wicked witch this week, Nikki looked great in her pale lilac strapless dress. I did not care for Cassandra's neon dress thing and bright pink lipstick. This was a rough week for her as far as fashion goes.

Elise and Lauren got sent home. Boo hoo. Not. I was right on here. Yay me! I predicted Lauren to go and wanted Elise to leave because of her drama.
Elise - you should have worried about yourself and not the other girls! Have you never watched this show? The tattle tale always goes home! ALWAYS!
Mis Pensamientos

Umm... did Clare actually know where they were going? "Korea?! I don't even have a kimono!" If you don't get what's wrong with the sentence I don't think I can be your friend anymore.

Last week I picked my final four - Nikki, Cassandra, Andi, and Sharleen. I'm predicting the top six are Clare, Renee, Andi, Sharleen, Cassandra, and Nikki

Found this on They also have something very fun called a Smack Tracker.
I'll be honest I didn't think this one would last...
They seemed a little too into the Hollywood scene after their season ended. I was also not sure if Catherine shared the same faith as Sean, or if she did, if she was as serious about Christianity as Sean. Something like that could be a huge deal breaker. She also looked like she was about to leave him at the alter (hopefully that was just nerves)! But, I'm not one to scoff at a happy ending! She looked gorgeous, he balled, and the wedding was beautiful.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Lowe!

Hasta la proxima semana!


  1. I loved the Sean/Catherine wedding! I thought it was beautiful and they seemed really happy. This week on the Bachelor really wasn't a shocker to me as far as who went home, but I definitely like Andi now that she got more screen time! I didn't start out loving Sharleen, but I actually really liked her after this episode. I feel like she has actually been real about the process and not in fantasy land. Girls that think they are already falling in love are likely a little off their rocker, and I think Sharleen seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I do, however, think she doesn't want to have kids for a while and really isn't interested in being a mom. As much as he likes her, that should probably be a deal breaker right there since he has a daughter.


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