Fall Home Finds Under $35

It's time to decorate for fall! Check out this cute decor all for under $35 - and a lot of the items are on sale right now!

German Glitter Pumpkin // $13.99 at Pottery Barn
Happy Fall Ya'll Doormat // $24.99 from Kohls
Rustic Torched Wood Serving Tray // $24.99 from Amazon
Gilded Acorn Pumpkin Souffle Scented Candle // $16.99 from Wayfair
Give Thanks Galvanized Metal Milk Can // $19.99 from Hobby Lobby
Longhui Gold Fringe Throw Blanket // $34.99 from Amazon

Table Top Wagon Decor Accent // $14 from Michael's
Autumn Glitter Leaves // $14.99 from Wayfair
Buffalo Check Table Runner in Pumpkin Spice // $15.78 from Amazon'

Autumn Skies Pinewood Sign // $7.99 from The Lakeside Collection
White Washed Pillar Candle Holder // $19.99 from Hobby Lobby

Simple & Sweet Pecan Pie

What You'll Need:

1 cup of light or dark corn syrup
3 eggs
1 cup of granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of butter, melted
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract 
1 1/2 cups of coarsely chopped pecans
1 uncooked, pre-made pie crust

What You'll Need to Do:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Lay pre-made pie crust in a 9" pie plate.
Mix corn syrup, eggs, sugar, butter, and vanilla extract with a spoon or spatula.
Fold in pecans.
Pore mixture into pie crust.
Cook for 60 to 70 minutes.
Cool for 2 hours before serving.

Beat the Back-to-School Sniffles

Back to school means back to germs for you and your kids! Classrooms at school and daycare can be incubators for germs and viruses.

Wash your hands frequently. Scrub with warm water and soap for at least 15 seconds. Hand washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of germs and illness. Keep hand santizer with at least 70% alcohol with you for when you can't get to the sink,

Don't touch your face. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Viruses that cause colds enter your system this way!

Use alcohol-based wipes. When someone in the house is sick, wipe high-touch items such as phones, light switches, doorknobs, and remotes with an alcohol-based wipe. Teachers - this goes for high touch items in the classroom too!

Don't crank the heat. As Fall and Winter approach, it's tempting to crank the thermostat. Dry air can dry out the protective mucous layer in your nose that keeps germs out.

Get a good night's sleep. There is growing evidence of a link between sleep and a healthy immune system. A study out of Carnegie Mellon University showed that those who slept less than 7 hours were nearly three times more likely to come down with colds than those who got 8 or more hours of sleep per night.