Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I made it through my first week of being back to work full time! Let's celebrate with Five on Friday...


I love movies and mini series that are based on true events. I've been loving the story of CIA mole Aldrich Ames who sold US secrets to the Soviet Union in the 80s and early 90s. It's on at 10 so I usually DVR it and watch it on the weekends!

I read my first historical fiction novel! I could never really get into the historical fiction genre. This one was really good. It was only $3 on Amazon and set during WWII, which is my favorite part of history to read about. I'd be open to trying historical fiction again...

My two favorite TV shows premiered this week. I love January!

Work was closed and tennis was canceled on Monday. Bummer.


Carrie Underwood has her own collection of OPI nail polishes. I need to buy every single color. See the full collection here.

*I totally forgot in all the holiday, going back to work full time, life in general craziness that I did an awesome swap hosted by CG Swaps! CG hosted a 12 Days of Christmas swap. I was paired with Rachel from Rainy Days and Rubber Ducks. As I got know more about Rachel I learned that she does not celebrate Christmas so I tried to be sensitive to that when picked out her gifts. We picked out 12 gifts for each other that were to be opened one by one starting 12 days before Christmas. I got Rachel some chocolates, beauty products (including Avon!), and a cute polkda dot magnetic notepad (just to name a few things). Rachel hooked me up with brands of beauty products I hadn't even heard of! She also gave me some yummy scented body mist (the almond was a my fave!), nail polish, and some glitter/beads for my nails! I had a great time participating with CG and Rachel!
Loving this stuff! Thanks, Rachel!



  1. Almond body spray sounds heavenly! :D
    Thanks for joining us for this swap...I'm glad you and Rachel both enjoyed your packages, and that it kept the chaotic holiday time a little brighter for you.

  2. Ooh war brides was good?? I have it on my kindle, but haven't had a chance to start it yet!


    1. The first half was slower, but overall I though it was good.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm obsessed. I just watched the second episode of the new season last night. WOW.