Blogging the Bachelor: Week 3

It's time again to link up with fellow Bachelor enthusiasts! Aubrey, Kimberly, and I would love for you to join us even if you are already a part of a different Bachelor link up. This helps us meet more people! Just remember, no spoilers (they suck and ruin the fun).

He knows who his haters are. You better watch out.
I've been reading and hearing that there are a lot of JP haters out there. He's boring; he has no personality; his accent makes him hard to understand, etc. I see him as the most mature bachelor we've had. He weighs his decisions thoughtfully and carefully.  He's a real grown up unlike some other bachelors we've seen (Bob Guiney, Ben Flajnik). You also have to remember that he's not American. He is from Venezuela which is an entirely different country with an entirely different culture. He isn't all of a sudden going to have the instant gratification/reckless/high strung temperament of an American. Okay, enough of my I Heart Juan Pablo campaign...

My hopes for tonight are (1) Nikki, Cassandra, or Renee gets a one on one date (2) Free Spirit Lucy and Dog Lover Kelly get sent packing, and (3) Juan Pablo kisses Renee (she practically begged him for it last week!). Other then that, bring on the meltdowns and mayhem!

Cassandra's Day of Fun in the Sun
I wanted her to get a one on one so we could avoid another meltdown this week.

Cassandra is only 21... what?!?

Did anyone count how many times she told us her last first date (a) either 3 years ago or (b) when she was 18?

I don't think I care for her. Is she standoffish or is she just really shy and comes off that way?

Wait, when was her last first date. Oh, sorry, I thought I forgot for a second!

Soccer Group Date

Sharleen and Alli  were soccer stars!

Juan so wants Nikki. Next week is her week for a one on one date.

He also really likes Andi...
Lucy kept her clothes on!

YESSS!! Nikki got the group date rose.

Andi needs to stop with the insecurity. It's going to bite her in the ass.

Chelsie's Bungee Adventure
Trying a bit much with that car dancing? Awkward.

She annoyed me last week and still annoying me this week.

Chelsie CANNOT be the only person in Bachelor history to not take the plunge. However, I would react the same way she did.

I was surprised the Chelsie got the rose, I wouldn't  have predicted it before the date, but glad she did so we all got to see Billy Currington! He was probably the most exciting thing about that date.

Pool Party
Pool parties at the mansion are never a good idea. The claws and the slores come out every time. It's just a fact.

Every girl wants a man who can cook. Bravo, JP. I would just die if Nick made me breakfast.

Has Clare ever seen this show? Of course, it's Renee to the rescue!

Random Nonsense
Elise went into total bitch mode over Chelsie getting that one on one date over her. Could she be turning into this this season's Tierra? Does she know she's only 3 years older than Chelsie? I hope she starts bitching to Cassandra about it.

Rose Ceremony
All the girls cleaned up very nicely after the pool party. I really loved Andi's simple white dress with green statement necklace.
Dog Lover Kelly stayed, but Free Spirit Lucy went home. Christie was the other woman to go home. I still have no idea who Christy is.

The Final Four (my predictions)

See you next week! In the meantime don't forget what life is all about - straddling people... and things!


  1. Haha, so many of the same thoughts!! Cassandra talking about her last first date SO MANY TIMES. And Renee is always there to the rescue! I think your final four look good. I'm hoping to see Renee instead of Cassandra but that might be wishful thinking :)

  2. I would love to see Renee instead of Cassandra, but I'm just not sure if it will happen!

  3. Haha this was hysterical. Cassandra is only 21?! Good grief! I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and just say she is shy. I seriously had no idea who Christy was either. I guess they gave her no air time since they knew she was getting the boot. I think I like Nikki too!


  4. i'm surprised lucy kept her clothes on/i'm glad she left. i might on the list of haters. i get so annoyed at a few things with juan pablo although he seems really sweet and obviously hot.

    1. That's ok. I like people with opinions. I will still blog with you... ;)