What the What?!

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Thanks for joining me for What the What Wednesday! Today is the day I share things that I find weird funny, odd, and amazing – anything that makes you say What the What?!

//One// Yes, this really happened. This is the scene outside my work last Thursday (10/24). I'm never ready for this. Luckily it was gone as fast as it came.

//Two// Tieks by Gavrieli – The ballet flat, reinvented. I found these really neat foldable flats and loved them... until I researched them further and found how much they cost.  Sure they are made of genuine Italian leather and have non-skid soles, but one pair for $175? That's the low end of the spectrum. The most expensive is $295! No thanks!!! I'll wait until they catch on and a different company sells them cheaper... much, much cheaper.
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  1. Snow?! How cool. As a SoCal girl I am always amazed by snow. Then I visited a friend in Boston during a blizzard and realized how much it can suck! But still, snow in October is amazing!