Hey, have you heard?!

It's Halloween!

It's going to be a warm (65 degrees), but very soggy trick or treat night for the kiddos in my neighborhood. My brother, sister, and I always trick or treated together every year as kids! Our dad would take us all everywhere in our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods and my mom would stay home and give out candy. The best part was when we'd dump out all our candy, take stock of our stash, and start trading! Halloween was always fun for us because we'd get really excited to pick out what we wanted to dress as and we often had homemade costumes. In my family we had homemade clown costume that become iconic. All three of us kids wore the clown costume at one point or another. I went through some old pictures this morning and was so excited to find photographs of my brother, Brett, my sister, Courtney, and I through the years in this clown costume!

Brett as the clown and me as Cookie Monster (1986).

Brett as a NASCAR driver, me as the clown, and Courtney as a football player (1988).

Brett as a penguin, Courtney as the clown, and me as bride (1992).
Have you heard that the Red Sox
won the world series last night?!

Here's my Halloween costume this year:
Hope your Halloween is full of
 treats and not tricks!

Xo, Ashley


  1. Happy Halloween Girly! I love all of your flashback to childhood pictures. While I don't have any photos or many memories, I live vicariously through all of my friend's kids and they always share their candy!!

  2. That is so funny about the clown costume! Happy halloween!

  3. LOVING the old Halloween pics, especially cookie monster....how awesome! :)

  4. Thanks for commenting on My blog :) hope You follow!
    I just love this clown costume! It's so adorable and I laughed at how it's passed down hehehe!!!

    Loads of love SJay!