Monday Mini Giveaway and What I Did This Weekend

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 I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was pretty low key in our household. Nick was sick and spent most of Saturday resting and sleeping.

I took the opportunity to veg out and rent and watch Homeland. I heard it was an awesome show, but we don't get Showtime so I'd never seen it before.

It lives up to the hype. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are awesome and the story line will keep you on the edge your seat episode after episode. I have 4 episodes left in the first season and the second season will be on my list for Santa!

On Sunday, Nick and I attended an amazing church service. This week started a new series on families and finding home. This week we talked about how our families can hinder or enhance how we see and obey God. It was one of the first sermons I've connected with in a very long time. I wish I could explain it better. I guess you'll just have to have a listen! We just started going to this particular church - maybe it's the right one for us! I came out with a lot of hope - knowing that my husband and I don't have to be the same sort of family that we grew up in. We are a new family and can behave as a family however we choose.

After church we headed to the movies and saw Rush! It was a really good movie. I always find movies that are based on true stories very intriguing and entertaining. This movie told the story of Formula 1 rivals Niki Lauda and James Hunt and the story of Niki's horrific accident that left him permanently disfigured. He made his comeback to racing only 6 weeks later after inhaling hot toxic gases and sustaining severe burns from an 800 degree car fire! That's motivation! 

Being the dork I am, when I got home I had to look up the real story. I won't go into too much detail in case you want to see this movie (which you should), but there are actual facts and events that were excluded from the movie to make it more dramatic. Kind of a bummer, but I guess that's the movie biz for you!

After the movie we stopped into Vicky's Secret (it's dangerous having the movie theater at the mall) so I could pick up a new scent. Victoria's Secret has the best smelling perfumes and body mists. I try to change it up every time I run out. This time I picked Dream Angels Heavenly. I also got a new candle earlier in the weekend. It's Chesapeake Bay Candles Oats and Acorns. Hello Fall!

Is anyone watching the Amazing Race?
See you on social media this week!


  1. OMG! I could spend so much money on candles!! My mom just bought me the Glade scent burner.. I guess that's what it's called. It melts down the little wax things, which smell so good. I just can't see spending so much money on a decent candle.. the good ones are so pricey. I'm in love with my wax burner but really want some good scents! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. I've really been wanting to start Homeland! It just looks so good! Glad you had a great weekend :)