Saturday Smiles

Smile, It's the weekend!

Only 2 days left to enter the giveaway!
The ALCS series is huge in my household right now. The whole state is going nuts hoping the Detroit Tigers go to the World Series again. My Michigan boy, Nick, is of course rooting for the Tigers and I have always been a Red Sox fan. Scout happened to be a tiger for Halloween last year so I grabbed his costume and threw it on him for the game on Thursday. Nick was thrilled! Here are some pictures from our fun family night watching the game!

More smiles...

Ready for the game tonight! If Boston wins this one they go to the World Series!! At this point I have to be very discrete about my team loyalty. If I wore this cap out in public I'd most likely be spit on, egged, or tarred and feather. People don't mess around here in Tiger Country.

Creating this for the November giveaway. You'll have to stay tuned in to see what it becomes!

Scout went to the groomer today!

Happy Weekend!

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