What the What Wednesday

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What the What is a segment that Kathie Lee and Hoda do on the fourth hour of the Today show. I've decided to bring it to the blogging world! The idea is to tell everyone about things that are strange, funny, bizarre, amazing, or exciting that made you stop and say, “What the what?!”

//ONE// Simone Biles

So, I am going to geek out here for a minute. I'm a huge fan of gymnastics. Simone Biles has come onto the scene just this year.  Her style of gymnastics and the way she's come out of the gate reminds me a lot of Shawn Johnson. It is her first year a senior, she's only 16, and she has been crushing it! She won the National Champions her first time out. The World Championships took place in Belgium earlier this month, but aired on NBC this past weekend. Simone was named the World Champion (that mean's she's the best female gymnast in the entire world!!!) and she won a gold medal in the all around and on floor exercise, a silver on vault, and a bronze on balance beam. What the what?! Get it, girl!

//TWO// Bumps and Bruises

Why, why, why do I constant bump my knees and elbows off of desks, chairs, and tables. I even walked right into a piece of equipment at the gym the other day. Sooooo frustrating! What the what?! Seriously!

//THREE// Claw Nails

 What... the... what?! Claw nails are so popular right now and all the celebs are wearing them. I just don't get it. They are freakin' hideous. This trend SUCKS... and I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

//FOUR// The children in my neighborhood
For whatever reason both the kids and parents in my neighborhood think its okay to play in the road. What the what?Yes, I do live in a subdivision and it isn't a major road, but a lot of people come in and out. The ride their bikes and scooters down the center of the road, play catch in the middle of the road, and walk down the middle. I put up with it for awhile, but now, after living here for over a year, I've started beeping at them to get out of the road. I don't know why parents allow this and I don't really care if they get upset with me for beeping at their children. It's a serious aggravation.

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  1. Ah. The claw nails...I am SO not a fan of them, either! They're creepy :(

  2. I'm with you on the claw nails?! I just don't get it! when did "witch nails" become in style? GROSS

  3. totally agree about the nails.i really hate them! maybe i'll change my mind to keep up with the trend, but right now i really really don't like.

  4. I agree about the nails!! I just don't get it!

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