What the What Wednesday

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Thanks for joining me for What the What Wednesday! What the What is a segment Kathie Lee and Hoda do on the fourth hour of the Today show (which I have on every morning while I get ready for work). I've decided to bring this concept to the blogging world. The idea is to share things that are funny, bizarre, amazing, or exciting that what you stop and say. “What the What?!”

//One// Kate Middleton's body after baby. Have you seen this picture? She had her baby three months ago... whaaat?! Diet and exercise a can do so much. This girl has got some good genes. Her butt and abs are amazing!

//Two// Nick bought a sweater! What the What?!?! You have to understand – I've been with Nick for 6 ½ years and have known him for at least 7, and he has never once owned a sweater. In fact he has always told me about how much he hates sweaters and would never wear one. He came home from a shopping at Kohl's on Monday night with an awesome, trendy zip up sweater! I was beyond excited. I've always wanted him to have a sweater. I asked him if I could get a picture of him in it and he said no. I tried! I also tried to convince him that all the guys are wearing this type of sweater with a collared shirt underneath. He didn't go for it. What can I say? Baby steps...

//Three// Security Words. I feel like a complete moron with these things. I can never understand the letters or numbers they want me to type in. They are so hard to read! Is it only me?

//Four// Kim and Kanye are making it official! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged. Kanye reportedly rented out AT&T Stadium where the San Francisco Giants play, had all their family and friends here, and topped off the engagement with fireworks and 50-piece orchestra. Kanye gave Kimmy a 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz ring estimated to be worth around $750,000! Congratulations, Kim. Third time's the charm! KIMYE FOREVER!

//Five// Hot Scissors. The newest trend in hair care! This could be the answer to split ends, ladies! “Hot Scissors” are hair dressing scissors that can be heated up to 310 degrees. The claim is that they seal the ends of the hair with the heated blades. Traditional scissors open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness. The heat
from the hot scissors seal the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage. Stylists can adjust the temperature depending on hair type (270 degrees in recommended for fine hair and 310 for course hair), yet doesn't make your head feel super hot. It is said these scissors work best on fine, frizzy hair because they smooth ragged edges and make the hair look more and feel more voluminous. They are also a good option for people not willing to sacrifice their length to repair damage (like me!). What do you think? At this point getting a hair cut, or a "thermo cut," will cost you a couple hundred dollars!

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Xo, Ashley



  1. I've got 2 zip up sweaters similar to what Nicholas Cage wears in the first National Treasure.

    Welcome to the world Nick!

  2. Oh my god, I will forever be jealous of Kate Middleton and her crazy body.