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I put out a call on my personal Facebook page for selfies to feature on the Selfie Esteem page. My friend Doug was the first to respond. As you've guessed, Doug is not a female and this is a lifestyle blog for women. What started out as a joke sparked an idea. Why not have a guy who I know is a genuine and honest person tell us about himself and give the male perspective (and it didn't hurt that the shirt he's wearing in his picture is my favorite color)! So, meet Doug...

Age: 29
Currently lives in Pennsylvania
Works in IT
Has a Bachelors of Music in Music Education and Masters of Science in Instructional Technology

What do you look for in a woman?
 I'm looking for a regular woman that likes to "doll-up" every once in a while but doesn't worry too much about what she looks like. I believe that all people are beautiful (I'm not much to look at myself), but it is important to have a "healthy" figure. This doesn't mean that she has to be skin and bones. She should have or be currently trying to get a college degree. Hopefully she has a full time job, but her wealth is not important. I have a dry sense of humor and hopefully she'll laugh at my corny jokes. I am open to the possibility of kids but they are not a requirement. The idea of my own offspring running around still scares me. I'm not much of a cook so unless you want she wants to eat really simple meals (or eat out and be broke) it might be a good idea that she can cook. Yes I know - typical bachelor.

Doug on his ideal date:
This is a question that can't be answered unless I know more about the person I'd be going out with. Generally it should contain an activity that she enjoys with dinner, lunch, or dessert. The date is all about trying to make her feel like the special person that she is.

What are your thoughts or feelings on girls picking the bad boys?
Everyone has different preferences. Sometimes people don't know what they want so they try something new because what they used to do is no longer working for them. Sometimes people like to keep the stereotypical gender roles. Sometimes people have a rough life and they don't know what they want so they take what they can get. A guy that appears "bad" could be the sweetest person on the earth in the inside. The same could also be true about the "good" guy actually being bad. Go for whatever makes you happy and hopefully that will continue to make you happy for a long time.

What is one thing that girls do that we think guys like, but they really don't?
Personally, it drives me crazy when a girl thinks that a house always has to be clean and always has to be tidy and always needs to look perfect. The way I see it, if everything is perfect, there is something that is being covered up. In my opinion, a house is supposed to look like people live in it. This does not mean that it needs to look dirty and trashy. There is a happy-medium that is in-between the two extremes.
What is a deal breaker for you and most guys in a relationship?
I can't answer this question for most guys. A deal breaker for me is that a relationship is supposed to be a team. I'm not the best cook but that doesn't mean that I hate being in the kitchen. What I am good at is helping to get the meal ready. I am also good at cleaning up things. If both partners in a relationship work together, using our strengths, then things get done quicker and they are more enjoyable. Teamwork is a must!
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