Blogging The Bachelor 21.7

Here we are ... another week of The Bachelor and we're already down to six!

Corinne, Rachel, Vanessa, Kristina, Danielle M, and Raven are headed to Bimini after Nick gets over whatever reservations he has about "the process" working or not working.

1 on 1 #1
Nick invites Vanessa on the first 1 on 1.  The date card says, 'Let's Go Deeper' which is clearly a sexual inuendo. Vanessa and Nick go for a boat ride where they discuss the train wreck that was last week.

At dinner Vanessa professes her love for Nick. Thankfully Nick seems really, really in to it because he tell Vanessa he "really, really likes" her. Vanessa seems very confused about his answer.

Group Date
Corinne, Raven, and Kristina are invited on the group date, and this date as a rose! This rose means Nick will be visit that girl's hometown!

The girls are told they will be swimming with sharks. Kristina and Corinne are a bit apprehensive, but Raven is ready for the shark to eat these other two bitches. No one gets eaten, but Corinne is feeling insecure and like today is all about Kristina. Toast to it not being The Corrine Show for once.

During the evening portion of the date, Nick pulls Kristina aside first which causes Corinne to start shoving cheese in her face. Stress eating at it's finest.

Each girl has meaningful time with Nick, and I could actually stand Corinne's time with him. Raven is given the rose which means we know 1 out of 4 of Nick's hometown dates. He's going to Hoxie Arkansas!

1 on 1 #2
Danielle M gets the second one on one date this week. They romp around the island of Bimini, but it's clearly awkward when they sit down for a chat. 

So I just realized this whole post I've been typing Michelle M, not Danielle M. I went back and edited, but really I don't even know her name! It's  not that I don't like her, she's a cool chick, but I thought her name was Michelle!

It's over for Danielle, and she says her good byes to Nick and the girls. 

Corinne decides its a great idea to go visit Nick.

She's going to turn their spark into a fire, " blow the room up," and "turn on the sex charm." Ok, I think? Nick is so turned on by this so it's a good that Corinne's vagine is platinum.

Corinne takes Nick into the bedroom and I'm pretty sure he touches breasts and she touches his... Anyway, Nick decides it best to wait. I'm not sure why because he's never waited in the past. But, whatever. It's got to be really embarrassing to come on to a guy and have him kick you out of his bed.

1 on 1 #2
Rachel gets the second 1 on 1, and I just realized I've been getting her name wrong all night too. I've been calling her Lindsay, which is really her last name not her first. Ugh. My thoughts on this date are at (1) Rachel is a cool chick and (2) I just want to date this end because they announced her as the next Bachelorette before this episode started.

After a discussion with Chris Harrison, Nick knows what he needs to do and that is to send Kristina home. Nick decides to send her off privately instead of at a rose ceremony.

That leaves the other girls wondering if they are officially the Final 4.

Can't wait for next week! Hometowns is my favorite episode of every season! 
Who do you think comes back? My money is on Danielle L!


  1. So I totally don't understand why they announced that Rachel was the Bachelorette before she was even off the show. I feel like that's just taking away all of the "suspense". I also didn't understand why Nick didn't sleep with Corrine, because he doesn't seem to care about waiting before!

  2. I am so perplexed a to why they announced Rachel, I have read already they needed to lure in some good that could be it.
    I was sad to see Kristina go, and hope we see more of her in this franchise.
    I love hometowns too!
    I think the comeback will be Andi! She needs her name in the media some!

  3. I've never watched the bachelor but your synopsis makes me feel like I've watched it. Got check this out next week. I feel like from this post Vanessa came on wayyyy too strong

  4. I'm happy I read your recap because I actually missed this episode!! I'm actually happy that he didn't let corrine stay in the room!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I am so over The Bachelor...I actually stopped watching after Sean and Catherine's season. I love them and I just don't see anyone else making it like them...
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  6. I never thought about it being Andi that comes back. I hope it's not. That is the only season that I didn't watch. -Crystal