Blogging The Bachelor 21.6

Are we on episode 6 or 7? Can someone tell me so I can get these blog post titles correct? Also, I didn't blog The Bachelor last week so I just need to say... how are girls like Alexis and Josephine still here over some like Sarah? So sad!

We pick up the episode with Corinne and Nick on the 1 on 1 portion of the 2 on 1. He has sent Taylor home. Corinne looks really pretty when she's not running her mouth, but I don't really understand Nick's sweater. It looks like they shaved some hairy guy and glued it on him. Or like Planet of the Apes or something.

Taylor returns to call out Corinne as a liar, but Nick doesn't seem to care. Taylor is still a goner and he goes back to the date to smooch on Corinne. Whatever.

Rose Ceremony
Chris Harrison announces to the girls that the cocktail portion has been canceled, and thank gawd, because I don't think I can take more of Corrine. Speaking of Corinne, she along with Rachel and Michelle M have roses going into the ceremony.

Nick chooses to send Alexis the Shark/Dolphin home, along with Josephine and Jaimi.

And then there were nine...

1 on 1
Nick meets the girls in St. Thomas (jealous over here in wintery Michigan). Nick offers the first 1 on 1 to Kristina, who I looooove! I think she's so cute!

Kristina and Nick fly off on a sea plane to fall in love. Kristina opens up about being adopted and her time in Russia. I love her even more now. And she's so beautiful!

In the meantime I get a text from my sister:
C: I can't stand Nick the Bachelor. What's wrong with his mouth when he talks?
Me: Like his top lip doesn't move.
C: It really bugs me. Plus this Russian has got to go.
Me: OMG! I love her!

Back to the show. Nick gives Kristina the rose saying that when he's with her she make him feel like he's living life in color. Awwwww.

Group Date
Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle M, and Jasmine get invited on the group date. That leaves Whitney and Danielle L. They are convinced it is going to be a 2 on 1. Jasmine is having a break down about never having 1 on 1.

Nick takes the girls to a private beach. St. Thomas has seemed a little windy and overcast this whole episode. However, I'm loving on Rachel's bun and Michelle M is killing it in her white bikini.

All the girls are LOSING.THEIR.SHIT. Danielle M and Vanessa are off crying, Rachel is pissed off, Jasmine is about to crack, and Corinne is completely wasted. And then there's Raven who just wants to play volleyball.

The cocktail portion of the evening goes a little better, but everyone knows Jasmine is about to lose her mind.

When Nick pulls Jasmine away for her 1 on 1 time I'm a really nervous. Like really nervous. As I suspected it doesn't go well. Jasmine tells Nick that she wants to choke him and "throw his ass down." Then it turns SUPER awkward when she tells him that she (ultimately) tells him she's going to choke him during sex (it's called the "chokey"). Waaaaaa What?

Thankfully for all of us, he sends her home. I believe this is the third time this season he has sent a girl home on on a group date. Go Nick! Jasmine leaves with a, "good luck dude" and confesses she doesn't think this process will work for him.

Raven gets the group date rose which is no surprise. She's the only one who could keep it together.

2 on 1
Danielle L vs. Whitney. Danielle L got the Backstreet Boys group date rose and a 1 on 1. Whitney has only ever been on group dates. Gee, I wonder who he's going to keep. NOT.  #ByeWhitney
Hey, at least there's finally sun in paradise!

Nick has what seems like shortest conversations ever with the two ladies. I still have no idea who Whitney is and she gets sent home (as I predicted). Nick and Danielle L fly off in a helicopter with Whitney watching. Ouch.

Nick and Danielle L are rewarded with time alone and have a deep conversation over dinner.

Danielle says she's falling in love with him, and all seems to be going well... until you see Nick's face. It's the same look JoJo gave Chase last season before she broke up with him in the Fantasy Suite. After a commercial break, Nick tells Danielle that he can't give her the rose. He's in love with the idea, not with her.

And then there were six....

Or are there? Nick barges into the girls room visibly upset and openly questions if this will work for him in front of the women.

Well, this has been a SHIT SHOW of a week. 

Until next time!


  1. hahahaa I seriously don't need to watch, I am just going to read your blog with updates! I normally watch every season but I just can't get into it this season! I never really liked Nick but now I feel like I'm missing out on some good laughs!

  2. I agree with what Erica said, I'm just going to follow your posts because they are awesome!

  3. I completely agree about Nick's sweater that he was wearing on the date with Corrine. I kept staring at it thinking....noooooo....take it off. It was terrible. I am hoping this season heats up a little. This week was kinda a snooze fest. - Crystal

  4. Nick is the easiest guy to read ever... I can tell IMMEDIATELY whenever he's uncomfortable, sad, drunk, etc.
    Did not see the Danielle departure coming really, but I think she was just a bit too vanilla for him. I love Kristina too but I am finally getting on the Corinne train now, believe it or not.