5 Beauty Tricks for Your Daily Routine

//1// Concealer helps lip color last longer. Dabbing concealer on your lips before adding color will giving your lip color staying power. Great trick for all seasons, but especially in hot weather!

//2// Sugar and honey will soften your lips. Make your own lip scrub with two packets of raw sugar and a dime-sized portion of honey. Gently scrub the mixture on your mouth in a circular motion for 30 seconds and then wash it off. The sugar will removed dead skin and the honey will nourish the skin. The smooth surface will help lip color stay on longer!

//3// Apply hair products to the back first. Everyone's hair is finer in the front. Applying an oil or cream on the back first will avoid weighting down the hair around your face.

//4// Cream foundation goes on better with a brush. Using circular motions allows the bristles to help color blend seamlessly into skin. Finish with a cream blush.

//5// Exfoliate before you cleanse. Take off makeup with a wife wipe first, then use a scrub or apply a peel. Following this order will remove the layer of dead skin and will help your cleanser work better.

Happy Friday!


  1. Concealer on the lips is a brilliant idea! I would have never thought of that.

  2. I had no idea that concealer on your lips will help lipstick to stay longer! That's such a great tip!

  3. I had no idea about using a brush with cream concealer, definitely need to try that <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. Great tips! I didn't know about concealer keeping your lipstick last longer.

    I always use a brush to put on my cream foundation, it's the best.