Friday Round Up 1.30.15

First, I want to thank everyone who joined the Monday Madness link up and have read my posts this week. I have not been on my computer at all this week, but hope to pop over to your blog sometime soon!

I have officially finished my first week of school, and today is my first day off since January 4. I've had no time time off with finishing up my full time job, working my part time job, and starting school. I have to say I am mighty tired and super thankful for today! Season 5 of Downton Abbey showed up in my mailbox yesterday (Nick pre-ordered it for me as Christmas gift). That may come in to play today. ;)

School was pretty easy this week despite having a test, quiz, presentation, and two chapters to read and workbook work to do. We talked about diversity, communication, and stress management. All really easy topics that I have prior knowledge of. Sh*t's about to get real next week. We jump into learning the body systems and clinical skills. I'm excited, but very nervous!

Sad news - I won't be able to do Blogging the Bachelor on Wednesdays. It's my favorite series on my blog, but I have to let it go because of my work and school schedule. Total bummer.

While everyone will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, I will be watching the final of the Australian Open (tennis). My man Andy Murray made it to the finals! #TennisCrush

I found this quote a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me:

I hope everyone has a super Friday and very happy weekend!


  1. Glad that this week was easy-ish for you! And I have loved that last quote since I saw it. It's so so true and necessary for people like me who take things to heart easily.

  2. That's a great quote! Glad you had a pretty easy week at school! Enjoy your day off and your weekend!

  3. Glad school is going well so far!! Good luck next week. :)

  4. You are one busy woman!! So impressed. Enjoy your plenty of relaxing and watching downton abbey!!

  5. Awww I will miss your bachelor recaps but I do get it. Its hard to stay up late to watch Chris and I actually usually catch it the next day!