Blogging the Bachelor 19.3

Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 3 of #BloggingtheBach! This Monday we saw more roses, kisses, and even a pool party! You ready for the recap?

First, having Jimmy Kimmel on The Bachelor this week was awesome. He was super funny and I love that the producers don't take the show too seriously and are able to poke fun at it.

1 on 1 #1

Chris invited Kaitlyn on a date planned by Jimmy Kimmel and they end up spending the day at Costco!

At first, Kaitlyn doesn't really believe they are getting out of the limo at Costco. Apparently, getting chosen to be on The Bachelor makes her too good to go to Costco. Costco is frickin' amazing so I really don't get what her problem is.

Once she gets over herself, they seem to have a good time.

The best part of this entire date was the dinner party that Chris and Kaitlyn hosted for Jimmy. I feel he was really able to break the ice and help them get to know each other. Plus, he's freakin' halarious. Kaitlyn was the perfect girl for this date.

The Group Date

Nikki, Carly, Britt, Juelia, Ashley S, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Samantha, Amber, Kelsey, and Mackenzie are invited to join in on some farming fun and later an elegant night on a random LA roof top.

The farming competition which included shucking corn, milking a goat, and wrangling a pig was really fun to watch! I was super excited that Carly won! She's is beyond cute and sweet, and I think she would be awesome for Chris.

I was happy that Becca finally got some screen time this week and even more excited when Chris gave her the group date rose! As I mentioned last week, I really wanted to see more of her!

1 on 1 #2

Chris takes Whitney on a date involving wine and then they decide to crash a wedding.

Did anyone else think this was a major snooze fest of a date? I was so bored. They are so boring together.

I can't say I don't like Whitney, but she needs more screen time in order for me to understand her personality and dynamic with Chris.

Pool Party

A pool party takes the place of a cocktail party this week.

Things start off bad for Ashley I when she realizes she can't do her Karadashian look this week and only gets worse when Jillian won't let her get time with Chris. Have no fear! She ends up with her 1 on 1 time and again attacks poor Chris' face! Can he please eliminate her? Please?! I'd rather see Ashley S get a rose over this chick. Crazy, right?

Chris continues his spree as The Kissing Bandit at the pool party. He has a steamy makeout sesh with Jade and hot tub jaunt with Jillian. Uh, I can't watch it anymore!

Rose Ceremony

Ashley I has somewhat recovered from her meltdown and now feels "90% confident" she will receive a rose. She also lets us know that she has demanded asked Chris to call her towards the beginning, which producers are totally going to make him call her last. DUH.

Trina and Amber are eliminated.

Tracy also does not receive a rose, therefore 3 of my top 4 favorites for Chris are still in the running (Whitney, Becca, and Carly).

Predictions and Random Thoughts

Samantha and/or Nikki need to get 1 on 1s next week or they are goners.

Please send the Kardashian wannabe Ashley I home next week. I really can't take much more of her.

Is anyone else sick of seeing Jillian's privates blocked out? GAG. We saw it when she was working out this week, during the farm challenge, and at the pool party. Put some frickin' panties on already. I can't wait for her to GO!

If it doesn't work out with Chris, Britt and Jillian make a lovely couple. They're always huggin' and touchin'...

Thanks for joining me!
Until next week...


  1. I think there are a BUNCH of crazies on his season, and I could easily get rid of a handful of them for how much they're annoying. I actually liked Whitney and Chris' date--I liked their chemistry together and how sweet their connection seemed to be. Time will tell what happens!

  2. I'm so confused about who Samantha and Nikki even are. I can't keep them straight. Maybe/hopefully at least one of them gets more air time next week. I can't remember if I diad this yesterday. Becca is my new front runner. I like Britt a lot, but I think she'll be the next bachelorette not Chris' final pick.

  3. Has anyone kept a tally of how many girls he's kissed up to this point - is it all of them!? I really like becca - she seems so normal!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I need to get into the bachelor this year. These recaps are too good!

  5. I really want Chris to cut about 5 more people so I can really get into this season. I think both Ashleys are goners least I hope so! I kind of remember seeing a lot of Ashley I on the "scenes from the upcoming season" after the first episode, so she may be around a while. I don't understand why she wants to be so Kardashian. Chris is a farmer! lol

  6. I haven't watched the Bachelor this season but it looks like I should..this post sounds like all sorts of crazy goin on this year.

  7. I have not watched must in the past but my cousin got me into it and I am loving watching it. I have to say so far brit, whitney, and becca are my favs

  8. Ive decided Chris is just a playboy. Dude is kissing everyone and his excuse ... oh good lord. I so expected him to be like Sean hahah