Blogging the Bachelor 19.1

Happy Hump Day! Today marks the start of another edition of Blogging the Bachelor (#bloggingthebach). This season we are following farmer Chris on his journey to find love! Make sure to join me every Wednesday for a recap of Monday's episode!

The Red Carpet

I always love seeing those hangers on like Chris Bukowski and Michelle Money. NOT. Oh, and how could you miss Erica Rose in that metallic jumpsuit? I'm so tired of these Bachelor has beens. Get a life!


Lacey, you are a total airhead. Case and point:

80/40? What the hell?

Nikki was a class act when talking about her break up with Juan Pablo. It seems like the entire exprience has humbled her and made her more mature.

We meet Whitney, a fertility nurse from Chicago. I picked her in my top four favorites for Chris, and now I love her even more. She has the all white version of my Scout!!!

Limo Entrances

All I could think when Megan stepped out of the limo was, 'Britney Spears.'

I like that Tara showed up super casual, but right away you can tell she's a wacko. Props to Chris for remembering her the second time she got out of the limo. Plus 5 points for orginality, negative 10 points for showing up already under the influence.

I think the worst entrance of the night was Reegan with the fake heart. I think it fell flat with Chris and it was a little weird.

After the limo entrances Chris seems most smitten with Britt, Kelsey, Becca, and Jade.

The Cocktail Party

My jaw dropped when Kelsey told Chris where she was from - Hudsonville, Michigan! Shut the front door! That's where I live!

I swear Chris was going to rip his pants when he was break dancing with Kaitlyn. He seems to really like her. I'm not sure why.

Ashley S. goes off the deep end and Tara is super drunk. Someone should have remided them to pace themselves.

Britt gets the first impression rose which does not suprise me one bit. She seems really sweet and sincere. I'm just worried about her "waitress" profession. A waitress from LA is pretty much code for wannabe actor. I really hope she's genuine!

Rose Ceremony

The top four from my preview post all got roses - Becca, Carly, Whitney, and Tracy.

I am seriously questioning how Tara and Ashley S. got roses. Ugh, so annoying, but I don't think either will make it past the next two episodes.

Quotes of the Night:


Britt, Kelsey, Ashley I., Whitney, and Jade will be around for awhile.

Ashley I and Chris

Cheers to a new season, ladies!

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. I liked watching but the red carpet was a bit much for me. It seemed more like the finale....but oh well. I agree with you about Lacy (I mentioned it on my blog too). One of my friends told me she thought she was joking around since she had said the same 80/40 thing on Bachelor in Paradise. I dunno--either way she's not the brightest bulb.
    I like Whitney (her voice annoys me a little bit) and I liked Britt and Ashely I too. I can't keep the rest straight other than the crazies which there seemed to be plenty of. I'm surprise pomegranate girl got a rose. She was weird the whole way through

  2. I cannot understand why he kept Tara or Kaitlyn. I thought her comments were so off color! My guess is he didn't get a chance to see how crazy Ashley S is, but I don't think she or Tara are going to stick around long at all. I really like Kelsey and Whitney!

  3. He is cute, I totally should watch this show. I haven't watched in years.

  4. I can't believe he kept Tara and Ashley S. I guess he wanted to give them a chance when they're not super drunk?

  5. The first episode is so painful for me! I had it on, but turned it off when the girl with the fake heart came out. I couldn't take it! I will try it again because I like Chris so much.

  6. OMG! That girl looks JUST like b spears!!!

  7. Why they did a red carpet is beyond me - just get on with the show!! xo, Biana

  8. I was kind of annoyed with the red carpet and I definitely am over the has beens.
    Kaitlyn seriously made my jaw drop TWICE with her jokes -- I mean, I thought they were hilarious but I totally did not think that was the right time for either of them. I am definitely rooting for Britt, I really like her. I also like Ashley I, Jade, and Kelsey. How did Ashley S. and Tara make it through?!

  9. i don't mind seeing quick updates on former people from the show, but i did not need one whole freaking hour of it! i love the show, but it's already long enough as it is. i read today that andi made her dress, and i'm dying. i loved that thing! i knew for sure he would keep the crazies. i bet they will be around for a few episodes to add some drama to the season. i can't even remember megan, but she totally looks like britney. good call on that one. i can't wait to see how the season unfolds. i'm a whole lot less worried about being bored now. come link up!

  10. so many things. 80/40 - he looked so ashamed and I noticed that right away! Nikki looked fantastic and did you hear that Andi and Josh broke up? ... anyhoo no surprise with his first rose as you said. I love your Bachelor posts I feel like I have a buddy who watches with me since my irl friends think Im nuts for watching the bachelor!

  11. Just starting watching The Bachelor again...haven't watched in years!!! So far I'm loving it! Oh, reality TV!