Tune In: The Bachelor Season 19 - Prince Farming

Don't miss the three hour premiere of The Bachelor on Monday, January 5! This season we are following Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's cast off, Chris Soules on his quest to find his perfect country princess!

America can't get enough of this hunky, millionaire farmer with the mega watt smile and down-to-earth personality. Get ready for an ambundance of shirtless tractor riding promos and B roll, ladies!

ABC has recently released the photos and bios of the 30 (yes, 30!) women who will be vying for Chris' heart and hand in marriage. You can see the full list at The Bachelor Facebook Page or at ABC.com (which I am too lazy to link for you), but here are my top four picks for Chris (in no paticular order):

So ABC went a little wonky with what they put on these bio pics. So, here's the real deal on these four lovely ladies: 

1. Becca - 25; from San Diego, CA; Chiropratic Assistant. Really the only reason I picked her for Chris is because she's cute. I think he'll be in to her. Sounds like she's got a great job too.

2. Carly - 29; from Arlington, TX; Cruise Ship Singer; although I don't really love her profession, I love her age for him and she seems super cute and down-home. Gotta love a Texas girl for a farmer! Just hope she doesn't become the Bradley of the season and sing her face off whenever she gets camera time.

3. Tracy - 29; from Wellington, FL; Fourth Grade Teacher. Uh, what's not to love? Age appropriate, loves children?! I think Chris' working class mentality will really work with Tracy's working class roots.

4. Whitney - 29; from Chicago, IL; Fertility Nurse. The fact that she lives in Chicago really jumped out at me! It's not too far away from Iowa - I would say maybe a 5-6 hours drive. Major points that she's already living in the Midwest. I also love that she's age appropriate for Chis and has an awesome career!

Don't forget to follow along with me every Wednesday. I'll be #BloggingtheBach again this season and dowloading all my thoughts, feelings, and WTF moments from that Monday's episode.

Are you excited for the new season?
Do you have any early favorites?


  1. I've never gotten into this show, but I know a lot of people enjoy it! I'll look forward to seeing your updates! :)

  2. I don't have any favorites yet because I haven't looked into it much, but I'll definitely be watching. Chris was so sweet on the show--I really hope he finds love!

  3. Um thanks for the reminder! I really liked him and want to watch this season! Let's be honest though ...Chicago is a bit different than Iowa. lol.

  4. He is a hunk - but those bios this year are crazy! x

  5. My sister and I just saw the ad for this last night (they wrote a poem for it? really cute). The bios for these women are so random though! It's like they chose the fact that would weird us out the most.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  6. You totally lost me at 'three hour premier.' I totally get the appeal as I'm a bit of a reality TV junkie but I just CAN'T!! I love the concept and watched for about 2 seasons or so but I hate it how they stretch these shows out. It's the same reason I stopped watching biggest loser and American Idol. : )

  7. I am super excited about this season! I am about to start filling out the fun Bachelor Bracket. So far Tracy is one of my favorites :D

  8. Ahhh I didnt watch last night I have to stream it today. Which I prefer anyway since it wont be THREE HOURS LONG! haha