Friday Five Favorites: The Royals Take Manhattan!

Prince William and Duchess Catherine visited New York City this past week (December 7-December 9). Now, I'm not bitter that I happened to grow up 80 miles from the city, but I'm currently living in Michigan thus missing the opportunity for a royal sighting. Nope, not bitter at all...

Here are five of my favorites pictures from their trip. Happy Friday!


  1. I just love her! She always looks great!

  2. I was wondering if you were gonna post on this! How cute is Kate and her tiny little tummy! Love her and them! (Did you see the pics of George they released?? - too cute!)

  3. I'm kind of obsessed with them and definitely missed out on a sighting as well. I have a close friend that was in NY at the same time but she had no luck either. :(