Blogging The Bachelor: Finale

We have officially marked the end of the "most controversial and shocking" season of the Bachelor yet! Thank you Juan Pablo for all the adventures, laughs, and blogging material. More importantly, thank you to Aubrey and Kimberly for including me in #bloggingthebach this season!

  • The best part of the girls meeting Juan Pablo's family is the return of Brace Face Cousin. I love that guy! Can he be the next Bachelor?
  • Ever heard the term “blinded by love”? Do a Google search and you'll find Clare and Nikki's pictures with that phrase. His entire family is saying that he can be kind of an A hole.
  • Why are Kelly, Sharleen, Chelsie, and Kat in the audience? Andi's a no show... Is she waiting in the wings for the announcement that she will be taking the Bachelorette crown?

  • I just want to get through these final dates, see how this turns out, and get to what everyone really wants to see – After the Final Rose.
  • Whatever JP said to Clare in that helicopter pulled her out of LaLa Land and into reality for the first time this season. Rumor has it the disrespectful and sexual thing he said was, “I love f------ing you.”
  • Oh, how quickly we got back to LaLa Land. He talked himself right out of that one.
  • Juan rejects Clare, but that's not a huge surprise after that last date. He doesn't like women who challenge him. And, damn, did Clare let him have it. It. Was. Awesome.

  • Told ya that's what he said. 
  • What a let down for Nikki. He doesn't even say he loves her. 
  • What a deflating ending after all the love fest endings of recent seasons. 
  • We don't want to hear more of his BS either, Clare!
  • Nikki baby, if he doesn't say it, he doesn't feel it.
  • Could Chris Harrison and JP possibly hate each other any more?
  • I am so confused. I have no idea why they are so tight lipped.
  • Andi's the next Bachelorette. Good for her! I can't wait to see her wardrobe.

Until next season...
xoxo, Ash


  1. His family told the girls he's rude, not easy to get a long with and fights a lot. What a catch!!

    Thanks for doing this with us this season! We made it to the end!!

  2. Ah this last episode drove me nuts! JP drove me nuts and those girls were definitely blinded by love! Poor Nikki is still confused because it's been four months since she told him she loved him and he refuses to. I'm so ready for Andi to be the next bachelorette!

  3. I stopped watching earlier this season but so many people were taking about the episode at work today that I feel like I watched it. :) I am interested to see how long Nikki and JP stay together now that the show has ended.

  4. Nikki is totally blinded by not love. Poor girl. I give it another couple of weeks. So excited for Andi! Her interview was so refreshing after Juan Pabs. Her outfits are killer so I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about. Thanks for bloggingthebach with us!