2014 Oscar Fashion

Stars were bright on Hollywood's biggest night! Here's the fashion rundown...

Worst Dressed

//5/ Margot Robbie
From golden and gorgeous at the Globes and vamp and goth at the Oscars. Total strike out here.

//4// Veerle Baetens
I have no idea who this is, but I do know that her dress is shapless and terrible.

//3// Liza Minelli
Pajamas at the Oscars!

//2// Gabourey Sidibe
NO. Just, NO.

//1// Kerry Washington in Jason Wu
Everyone was talking about how awesome Kerry Washington looked. I just don't get it. It looks like she threw on a satin bedsheet and headed out to the Oscars.

Best Dressed

//5//Kate Hudson
It was even more gorgeous when she took the cape off.

//4// Naomi Watts

Classic and beautiful. Don't love the shoes, but willing to over look that.

//3// Emma Watson

Young, fresh, and something I would wear. Loved it!

//2// Kelly Osbourne

I am obsessed with this look. I love the simplicity and the beaded overlay is something new. Love her bag too!

//1// Laura Dern in Alberta Feretti
I hope I look this hot at 47! Everything from the sillouhete, cut, and fabric of this dresss to the hair and acessories is beyond perfect. Goregeous, perfection, possibly my favorite all season.

What did you think were some fashion highs and lows from this year's Academy Awards?


  1. first: is that liza minelli's left nipple? second: i agree kerry washington's dress is not necessarily top knotch, but her hair and makeup were spot on and i think she looked beautiful. i can only hope to be that gorgeous when i'm knocked up lol. i think overall, my number one best dressed was olivia wilde who proves you can be drop-dead sexy when pregnant.

  2. I loved Kate Hudson's dress sans the cape, but my favorite, just because it is more my style was Lupita's Nyong'o. Just suited her beautifully.

    1. Yeah, I'm not too into the cape craze. I loved when she had it off when she presented during the show. Agreed, Lupita looked amazing, but there were so many to choose from!

  3. I totally agree with you on your Oscars Best Dressed/Worst Dressed! Kate Hudson was GORGEOUS as always...and although Kerry Washington is pregos, she looked like she wrapped herself up in a silk bath towel! So glad I found your blog through Fitness Blondie's blog hop! :)

  4. Kate Hudson was my favorite, she looked so gorgeous, and I just love her to begin with!

  5. I think Emma Watson looks beautiful. Definitely deserved her spot in your best dressed! :)

  6. I didn't get a chance to see Kelly Osbourne thanks for showing she looked beautiful!!!

  7. I agree with your 5 worst. Veerle's is like a tent. Liza's is lounge-wear or PJs. And Gabourey's is just not flattering, at all, not even a little bit. Love Kate, Emma, and Laura's dresses!!!

    1. Do you know who Veerle is? I am still trying to figure it out!

  8. I literally laughed out loud to your comment about Liza. I agree with your number 1 best dressed-- Laura. Although, I sort of like Kate Hudson's look more than Naomi Watts'.

    1. They look like silky pajamas to me! Laura just looked REALLY good. It was really a toss up between Kate and Naomi. I decided to with which I would where. That's not a good to show off Naomi. I couldn't find one of her head on.

  9. Kate Hudson was just perfection, plain and simple! I think I would've been obsessed with Kelly Osbourne, too, if it weren't for the purple hair and umbrella. Great recap! :)

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