Half Bath Mini Makeover

A while back I posted about a Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget and since then have been thinking about updating my half bath. I'd never really given our half bath much thought even though it though it's on the first floor and used by guests. 

I never really thought of a concept and it was time to pay it some attention. I really had no idea how I wanted to decorate so I started scrolling through Photowall. At first I thought I wanted to continue the travel theme and blue/gray palette from the other rooms on the main floor, but I eventually came across a vibrant lemon poster that ended up as the jumping off point. I knew it would work with some decor I already had, and as we keep the dog's food in that room and it's off the kitchen, I felt it would give the bathroom a fresh, clean vibe. 

It's really amazing how I was able to either repurpose items I already had or pull out items that I wasn't currently using. I found two white shelves in the basement that I had purchased years ago (only needed one for this project), a crystal-like Eiffel Tower that Nick brought me back from Paris, faux grass I bought at a garage sale earlier this year (again, had two, only needed one), and purple flowers from my 35th birthday party. I kept the yellow bathmat and wooden sign that were already in the room. New additions included a soap dispenser and hand towel from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and a new candle (scent: lemon grass) from this Etsy shop.

I could not find a 28"x20" white poster frame anywhere, so I ended up purchasing a black one from Joann's because it was deeply discounted and shipping was free. I picked up some white, matte spray paint. Gotta love spray paint - it bonds to plastic!

Before we get to the Before & After photos, let me just fan girl about Photowall for a sec. I was so excited when Emily contacted me to work with the company. I had just seriously started looking for new stuff for the half bath; it was almost as if she read my mind! All of Photowall's products are manufactured and Sweden and shipped worldwide. I got my product via DHL in a matter of just days (I think 2-3) after placing my order and it was perfectly packaged, arrived safe, and in perfect condition (and shipping is FREE!). Also, I have never seen a home décor company with so many choices. Whatever your aesthetic, you'll find something. I was blown away by the quality of the poster I received. I thought I was going to get your average, thick poster paper poster, but the poster feels more like a canvas or fabric. It's super high quality! Photowall offers canvases, wallpaper, and posters of all sizes! 

When I showed my husband the finished product he said, "lemony fresh!" without any prompting. #nailedit
Now on to the photos...



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Thanks, Photowall!

In related news... we upgraded our dishwasher!


  1. You did a nice job! Cute little touches make a big difference. We have NEVER had much actual decor in our bathroom until just recently in this house. We just never bothered!! Also, I love the photo that we got from them. Pretty great company.

  2. It looks nice! I have a shelf and a faux grass thing like that in one of my bathrooms too.