Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget

Bathroom renovation not in the budget? Simple upgrades and updates can make a bathroom look brand new, and you'll stay in budget too!

Hang a new mirror. Changing a mirror can completely change the look of a room. Change out an ornate, highly designed mirror with a scaled back, minimal design or vise versa.

Switch out the hardware. New hardware for cabinets or drawers can show off your personality or tie the room together.

Paint the walls or the cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can really revitalize a room. It's also a cost effective option that can completely change the theme and feel of a room.

Install a new shower head. Update your bathroom with a new shower head. Switch the old one out for something brand new such as a high pressure shower head,  a dual shower head, or a rain shower head.

Replace the decor. Replacing the towels, rugs, trash cans, and/or bath mats is the easiest way to transform a bathroom. Use new colors, patterns, and textures to change up the space.

Change out the faucet. There are so many options to upgrade the vanity and sink. Choose from different finishes and handles to match your design style.

Add something living.  If space allows, add a vase of flowers, bamboo plant, or leafy, green plant. This adds relaxation and the spa feel!