Recent Amazon Purchases

I'm obsessed with Amazon. I have Prime and the credit card so I buy whatever I can whenever I can from Amazon with the perks of getting 5% cash back and 2-day shipping. Using Amazon also saves me from having to run errands after work. I love getting the packages delivered right to my door! 

Let's talk about some of my recent Amazon purchases.

I've been gearing up for the damp, cold temperatures of Fall and Winter. I replaced an old space heater with the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater. This little baby does not disappoint! It heats up small areas (such as my bathroom and bedroom) very, very quickly. I use this for a little extra heat in those areas on cold mornings. I also get piece of mind as it comes with tip-over protection shut off. I also purchased the PROALLE Electric Heated Foot Warmer. I have poor circulation so no matter the time of year my feet, and especially my toes, are so cold I often can't feel them. It's really unpleasant and uncomfortable. So far, I'm really happy with this product! It has an auto-shut off after two hours so I can use it at night in bed, I can use it as a heating pad for other areas of my body, and it came in my favorite color - purple! 

I have been buying the Solimo Body Wash from Amazon for a while now. The one I buy is for sensitive skin, but it's still very thick and creamy. The main reason I buy it is because you can't beat the price!

These Fruit of the Loom No Show Socks were a great find! They are really breathable, but offer tons of padding and support. They're prefect for a long day on my feet.

My hair is long and thin, but full so it always tangles. I lovingly refer to it as a 'rat's nest.' Not using detangler after the shower is not an option. I've tried a few different products, but most recently purchased amika The Wizard detangling primer because my stylist recommends it. It works and smells amazing! 

I like to use a mesh pouf shower ball with my body wash. With these, you need to remember that they can start to harbor a lot of bacteria and germs really quickly. This four-pack from Amazon is priced really well so that I can use and replace them ALL.THE.TIME.

This summer we found a lake within a park that has kayak, canoe, and paddle boat rentals and they allow you to take your pet! Scout really doesn't know how to swim so I was able to find him a well made, affordable doggie life vest from HAOCOO on Amazon. He looks super cute in it too!

Just like your mesh poufs, makeup sponges should be changed regularly and often. I found a set by BEAKEY that offered 3 sponges of different shapes, plus a kabuki brush for only $9.99. Winning!

What are you purchasing from Amazon?


  1. I had no idea how unsanitary the mesh poufs were! I literally have never thought about it before. Thanks for the info!

  2. I might need to look into that Amazon card - 5% cash back seems like a great deal! I feel like I am always looking for new socks - adding these to my list!

  3. I'm super guilty of not buying new poufs often enough. Cringe.

  4. I want that foot warmer for under my desk. I now only use silicone loofas since I didn't replace mine enough.