Plane Travel Etiquette

Headed on a family vacation via airplane this summer? Check out these simple do's and don'ts for your best flight ever!

Air travel etiquette dictates that the person in the middle seat gets both armrests. It's his or her reward for being sandwiched in the middle.

Let your seatmates know when you need to get up. Even if they are sleeping, gently wake them up to let them know you will be leaving the row for a short amount of time. Give your fellow travelers a chance to stand up to let you out.

If you bring a carry on that does not fit under the seat in front of you, make sure to stow it in the over head bins. If there is no space in the bin above your seat, the etiquette here is to look in front of you, not behind. Ask a flight attendant if you're still having trouble finding a spot. They can help you located a good place without disturbing others.

Go slow when reclining your seat. You don't know how long the legs of the person behind you are! Always return your seat to an upright position during meal and snack times, and never recline so far that you hit someone's knees!

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  1. I didn't know about the middle seat and the armrests!

  2. Agree about the middle seat. I always feel so guilty when I have to wake someone to go to the WC - I just can't stand it! I usually wait until I can't possibly wait any longer.... but that's air travel for you and the privilege of being in the aisle.