Helpful Tips for Overseas Flights

In just over a week I'll be headed on my European adventure! I love traveling, but long haul flights can  be hard. Over the years and through my adventures there are many tips and tricks that I've found helpful for long, overseas flights.

  • Water Bottle
  • Eye Mask
  • Music Player (or your smart phone loaded with tunes)
  • Socks
  • Magazines/Books
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Mini Toiletries
  • Boarding Pass and Passport 


Avoid greasy food. Avoid unfamiliar or greasy foods before flying to avoid travel sickness. There's nothing like feeling awful in a confined space.

Pick your seat before the flight. Having the seat that you want can really make or break a long flight. Aisle seats give you room to stretch your legs and easy access to get up whereas a window seat can offer beautiful views and gives you a place to rest your pillow.

Dress for comfort. Loose fitting clothing and a good pair of shoes will offer the most comfort when sitting for hours at a time. Bring socks in case of cold cabin air.

Buy snacks. In flight snacks and drinks can be very pricey. Items from outside the airport should be left sealed and unopened until you clear security.

Get on local time. Set your watch and any other time pieces to the local time of your destination. This way you can start adjusting on your way. This trick helps with jet lag and when scheduling meals and sleeping at appropriate times.


Stick to water. Alcoholic and carbonated beverages can be dehydrating and disrupt your sleep patterns. Alcohol can leave you feeling worse when the buzz wears off.

Entertain yourself. All overseas and long haul flights offer free, in flight entertainment. However, you may not enjoy the movies the airline has to offer.  Take a novel, magazine, music, or puzzle book just in case.

Freshen up. Brush your teeth and cleanse your face after the in flight meal and before settling in the for the night. Do same when you wake up. Being fresh will make you feel better and keeping your before bed and morning routine will help with jet lag.

Get some rest. It can be quite a challenge to sleep in economy, but getting in a snooze is a must! Put on your headphones to drown out sounds, slip on your eye mask, and use your neck pillow to maximize your amount of rest.



  1. These are great tips! Flying can be really stressful and doing little things like this can make all the difference.

  2. Hydration is so important on long flights. I also find chapstick or EOS is nice to have too. My lips always got super dry during/after an overseas flights.

  3. I still can't believe that we'll both be going to Europe around the same time! These are all such great tips for a long flight, especially an international one! I don't think that I'd ever survive without a good book to read!

  4. Ashley - these are great tips! Do you have specific ear phones you recommend? Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  5. These are great tips! Long flights are so so hard but always so worth it. Europe is far! It's gonna take some time to get there. I hope you have a blast. I watch movie after movie to pass the time. It's great. Have a great trip. I'll be taking off for Europe some time this summer too. I can't wait!!