Celebrating National Pet Week

May is National Pet Month and National Pet Week started on Saturday! 

Today I'm featuring a very special member of our family, our bichon/poodle mix Scout!

I don't feature Scout enough of this blog; therefore, no one has really gotten to know just how obsessed I am over him. He's our only child and provides us with such much happiness!

Making the Decision to Become Pet Parents

I've grew up always having a dog so having one in our home as an adult wasn't even a second thought for me. Nick needed a little bit more convincing. He always had outdoor dogs and he was afraid of the commitment. Once Nick warmed to the idea, it was time to decide what breed. I'm allergic to dogs and wanted something non shedding in my home. I also a preferred a small dog because I felt they would be less destructive and easier to handle. After a visit to Nick's home state of Michigan (where we now live) and time spent with his friends' parent's dog, Rudy, I knew a bichon/poodle mix was the right dog for us. They require little exercise and were a good breed for apartment living Also, having a male dog was a non-negotiable for Nick.

Once we got home to Pennsylvania (my home state and where we were living) I started researching different breeders. I found one about an hour and 15 minutes from our apartment. It turned out to be a Mennonite family in Lancaster. I figured we would get a dog in the fall, once we had moved in to our new dog friendly apartment, but somehow Nick and I ended up taking a drive to the Mennonite farm that very weekend!

Picking the Perfect Match

We arrived at the farm to a pen FULL of puppies. It was like puppy heaven! We saw a few very cute Havenese mixes, that almost changed our minds, expect for that they shed. Therefore, we really zoned in on our bichon/poodle mixes. There were a few parti mixes (black and white) and one all white. Nick really wanted and apricot colored dog (which they didn't have any of) and I had my heart set on an all white one, just like Rudy. Nick spotted a parti mix being held down but the other dogs and he plucked him out. "We should get this one, he's submissive," Nick said. I was holding tight on to the white one, but Nick pointed out all he had been doing the whole time was whining. Nick had a good point. After a little more time with the little submissive black and white dog, we decided that he would fit best in our family. Nick then noticed he had a black mask 'like batman'. Talk about the perfect match!

Our new doggy was 8 weeks old and ready to come home with us, but we weren't moving into our new apartment for another week or two. So, we paid for our new bundle of joy, and had the breeders keep him for two more weeks. This actually turned out to be such a blessing because since we had been there 'to just look' we didn't have anything we needed for our new family member. So we spent the next two weeks moving, buying everything we needed for a new baby, and setting up a vet appointment for him.

Picking a Name

We had our puppy picked out and everything set up at home for him, but we were still wrestling with what to name him. Linus and Duffy were names thrown out, but nothing we came up with felt right. Finally we took the the good 'ol internet. We scrolled through a website of dog names until we finally stopped scrolling on Scout. It was perfect for our little guy!

Bringing Scout Home

On July 31, 2009 we went from a family of two to a family of three. After work that Friday night we drove the hour+ down to Lancaster to claim our little Scout. I had a chew toy, collar, and leash ready for him. I had prepared a bed made of a cardboard box lid and a towel so that he would be comfortable on the ride home. Scout came running out from the barn and towards us as we got out of the car like he knew we were went to be his humans! Scout was a petite 4 pounds and the collar I had for him was too big! We arrived home that evening, started potty and crate training, and never looked back!

Since Then

It's hard to believe our little fluffer is going to turn 8 years old on May 16! Time as flown by! Scout has been such an awesome companion. I love coming home to someone who is always excited to see me. A dog will love you unconditionally. They don't judge and don't have biases. They just want to give and receive love!

There is proven and researched health benefits to having a dog.

The above graphic is courtesy of PuppySpot. Becoming a pet parent is a big decision. PuppySpot works to match families with reputable breeders. They also offer a health guarantee and a 'No Puppy Mill Promise.' A pet is a big time and financial commitment. Make sure you get paired with the perfect puppy and the right breeder.



  1. Oh I just love Scout!!! Life is truly amazing when animals are a part of it.

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    Green Fashionista

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