Apple Pie Iced Tea

Summer is my favorite season and I'm not ready to usher it out yet; however, I do enjoy the tastes of Fall such as pumpkin spice and apples! Apple Pie Iced Tea is the perfect transition drink for when the calendar says September, but there's still summer-weather hot!

What You'll Need:

hot apple cider (my favorite)
tea bags (my favorite)
1 apple, sliced (try gala or red delicious as they are best for juicing)
cinnamon sticks

What You'll Need to Do: 

Prepare your hot apple cider as directed based on what kind you use.
Place cinnamon stick into the hot cider.
Allow to cool.
Prepare the hot tea, using 2 tea bags per one serving of hot apple cider.
Allow to cool.
Cut and slice apple.
Once cider and tea are cool, mix all ingredients together.
Pour over a glass of ice.

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