Easy Hairstyles for Hot Temps


The bubble ponytail is the perfect way to update a classic for summer. All you need for this look is clear hair elastics. 

Start by securing your hair in a ponytail with an elastic. Tug on the top section to created more volume and a relaxed look. Skin this step if you want a slicked back, polished look. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and loosely wrap it around the clear elastic until you get to the end of your hair. Find the elastic under the hair where it isn't visible and pull the end of the wrapped strand of hair through that elastic so it stays in place. Tease a one to one and half inch section of the ponytail started at the top of the ponytail. Separate the teased hair from the other portion of the ponytail with another hair elastic. Repeat until you get to the end of the ponytail. Try to create the bubbles to be the same size both vertically and horizontally. When finished, tug at the bubbles to loosen them up and make the look more deconstructed. 


The top knot is my favorite hairstyle at any time of year, but especially in the summer since it's keeps my hair off of my neck and out of my face! A messy top not is super simple for summer. You'll need your favorite texturizing product (I love sugar sprays), one hair elastic, bobby pins, and curling iron if you want/need to create a fuller look.

Start by lightly spritzing your hair with a texturizing product. Next, if you're curling, this is when you want to do it. Then pull your hair into a loose high ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Next, separate the ponytail in to two sections. Start with one section and light twist it. Hold the twisted section up vertically. Grab the hair by one strand and gently push the rest of the twisted section down towards the base of the ponytail. Then wrap this section of hair around the base of the ponytail securing it with bobby pins. Repeat on the second section, smooth any fly-aways with the curling iron, and presto... the prefect messy top knot!


Keeping long sweeping bangs or short bangs can be accomplished by twisting them back. Having your bangs back from your face will help to keep your forehead shine free and allow the breeze to hit your face. All you need is one bobby pin!

Begin by taking a one inch section of hair near your part and at the front of the hairline. Start to twist away from your face. Continue to grab more hair from the hairline and continue to twist. Continue until your twisted piece is the desired length. Secure the twist with a bobby pin.


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