What's Up Wednesday?! 6.27.18

Hey all! I've been in and out of blog land lately so I figured I'd update you on some fun haps!

My sister flew out to visit this past weekend and we started off with a bang. We went to the fair and saw a really, really horrible rodeo. We had fund playing carnival games and eating fair food tho!

 We had planned to go to the beach and go swimming in a friend's pool, but the weather wasn't overly warm or nice. We headed to the Downtown Market instead and shopped local vendors and enjoyed a delicious lunch!

We saw the movies Adrift and Tag (both of which I recommend), got pedicures, played some Guess Who?, and celebrated Nick's THIRTY FIFTH birthday with a strawberry rhubarb pie on Sunday!

Whenever my sister visit she always pranks me. It started years ago when we pranked my dad by stealing all the underwear out of his suit case. My dad retaliated by writing on me with a Sharpie. This year my sister she put Prince William in my bed. I was pretty surprised, but can't say I hated it. Who wouldn't share their bed with a prince? 



  1. Sounds like a fun visit with your sister!

  2. love that she put a pic of will in your bed. Sounds like a fun visit!

  3. Glad you had a nice visit! So funny about Prince William!!

  4. A state fair sounds like such a great place to visit with family. So much to see and do. The Prince William is too funny!