Blogging The Bachelorette 12.9

Welcome back! Let's get right in to it. We left off with JoJo revealing she is going to let go of Luke. Luke then pulls her aside to tell her he loves her. My mouth is wide open and JoJo is a mess...

Rose Ceremony
Jordan gets the first rose (shocker) and Robby takes the second. It's now between Luke and Chase! What is she going to do?!

JoJo goes with her gut and chooses Chase, sending Luke (my favorite) home. JoJo is a moron. #LukeforBachelor.

Luke is SHOCKED.

The magnitude of JoJo's decision finally hits her, and she cries about why it was so hard and that she misses him already.

Alas, then there were three...

JoJo takes Chase, Robby, and Jordan to Thailand for overnight dates. It seems one night's rest has healed her broken heart. Boo.

JoJo + Robby
Robby and JoJo weather a major storm in Thailand by getting a Thai massage, which I am praying doesn't have a happy ending, because I'm pretty sure that can't be shown that on ABC.

JoJo has a very nice dinner with Robby and they discuss falling in love fast. Robby pulls out the CUTEST note from his dad, with words of encourage for the remainder of his journey. JoJo loved it and I'm pretty sure every woman across America loved it. I know I did.

JoJo invites him to the Fantasy Suite and tell him she has "very strong" feelings for him (aka JoJo loves Robby).

The morning after JoJo had sex with Robby After leaving Robby in the morning she reports that she's "in trouble." She loves Robby, but isn't ready to say that she knows who "the one" is yet.

JoJo + Jordan
JoJo takes Jordan on an intense hike to a temple. She challenges herself and Jordan to "respect the culture" and not kiss in the temple. So, you shouldn't kiss, but it's okay to wear booty shorts? Whatever.

JoJo has less makeup on today and I love her freckles. 

JoJo still fears that Jordan won't be able to commit to a forever future and wonders if he is too good to be true. Basically, she's in love with Jordan, is going to pick him, and doesn't want it to blow up in her face.

At dinner Jordan can't answer what his life will look like in the next year. Shady. He can't answer any of her questions about the future, but he does know he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

In the end JoJo "got every answer" that she "wanted" (fancy that) and invites Jordan to the Fantasy Suite.

JoJo: What did you think of last night?
Jordan: It's exactly what I needed.

With Luke gone, Chase is now my current favorite, but after the dates with Robby and Jordan (let's be real) he has a snowball's chance in hell. Although, JoJo says that after this date she may be in love with THREE men!

JoJo and Chase have some nice, down to earth fun together at a fish market and hanging out in an ocean.

Surprise! Robby shows up at JoJo's door in the middle of her freakin date with Chase. He again tell her that he loves her and sees a life with her, and it's really pissing me off because it's taking the focus off of Chase!

O-M-G how can you not be in love with Chase after he was sweet and open with JoJo at dinner. THANK GAWD she invites him to the Fantasy Suite!

Dun, dun, dun. Chase says I love you and you can tell right away that something is wrong. He's for sure a goner.


This Chase/JoJo break up is the most epic break up in Bachelor history.
"That's like pull your pants down and kick me in the nuts." - Chase

Good luck with happily NEVER after with the two you have left, JoJo.

Rose Ceremony
Jordan and Robby are both coming in to the rose ceremony feeling confident thanks to their time away from the cameras.

As JoJo starts explaining why Chase isn't there, he comes strolling in. Whaaaaat.

Chase comes back and apologizes for his anger the night of the break up, showing what a stand up guy I always knew he was. JoJo is upset that she didn't fall in love with him. Uh, just so much sadness.

Crap, can you believe we are down to the final two?!

Join me later this week for a recap of The Men Tell All.
If there's one thing I love in life, it's grown men acting like little bitches!


  1. I was seriously crushed when Luke got sent home, and I think that you could literally hear the millions of women crying around the US when Jojo did that! I felt so incredibly bad for Chase last night, and I wonder what he's going to say on the Men Tell All tonight!

  2. Haha I loved Chase's reaction - which was warranted. His comments were the best!

    I feel like neither of her options will last after the show.

  3. I was sad for Luke, I agree he would make a good bachelor choice. I think Chase's date looked fun, I felt bad for him also!! I think it was a class act when he came back to explain when he wasn't shocked/mad. I am hoping for Jordan. He keeps getting better in my opinion. I didn't care for Robby showing up in the middle of her date. She took it as caring. I think it was a bit needy. - Crystal

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