Blogging The Bachelorette 12.8

This week we're going to hometowns which is my favorite episode of the season! There are only four guys remaining - Chase, Robby, Luke, and Jordan - and only two more episodes until the big finale!

Chase in Colorado
Chase is the first one to take JoJo home to meet the fam. Overall this date in uneventful. Chase opens up about being a product of a divorced home and his family seems super down to earth and perfectly normal. The end of the hometown ends with Chase opening up and telling JoJo he's falling in love with her. #awwww

Jordan in California
JoJo visits Jordan in Chico, California even though he now lives in Nashville. Jordan takes JoJo to his high school, or per Jordan, "where it all began." Where all what began? They make out at a computer desk, make out more in the library, and JoJo gets to meet Jordan's high school football coach.

I found it interesting that JoJo took flowers for Jordan's family, but took nothing to Chase's family. Are we paying favorites, JoJo? She's also super nervous because she just wants these people to be her in-laws. What? Did I just say that...

JoJo brings up Aaron to Jordan's other brother Luke. Luke is pretty tight lipped about it the situation like Jordan is, so instead speaks of Jordan's great character and integrity. Luke takes Jordan outside for a heart-to-heart and I can't help put to notice they are drinking white wine. I don't know dudes drank white wine.

We all know JoJo has been in love with Jordan since Night 1, but she admits to being scared and wonders if she is Jordan's "forever."

Robby in Florida
Why the hell are JoJo and Robby wearing long sleeves in Florida? I'm sweating just thinking about it.

The hot topic of this hometown is Robby's not-so-far-in-the-past ex girlfriend. He promises JoJo he's over it and that's he's not using her to fill a void. JoJo has a great conversation with Robby's mom (who seems AWESOME), and she reassures JoJo not to fret about the ex. JoJo drops a bomb and tells Robby's mom she's falling in love with him!

Robby's mom has a bomb of her own. Robby's ex girlfriend's roommate has been spreading vicious lies! "Alex" the roommate has been telling people Robby dumped his ex to go on the show. JoJo has a hard time digesting this and questions Robby's feelings about the ex. Robby drops his bomb - he was SLAPPED IN THE FACE by his ex - and is totally over her. JoJo is still out of her mind confused. Only time will tell if this is something JoJo can overcome.

Luke in Texas
JoJo is back in her home state of Texas! And her southern accent starts coming out!

Luke picks her up and takes her home to meet his family... and 50 of his closest friends. JoJo takes it all in stride, playing corn hole and kissing babies. I'm so in love with Luke's dad and grandpa. They are both so cute! Oh, and Sophie the dog.

Luke is probably the most romantic suitor on the Bachelorette ever. They ride off on horses and he professes his love as the sun is setting. And with that Dan+Shay song playing in the background, shit I need a tissue. JoJo is one freakin' lucky girl. #TeamLuke

The Rose Ceremony 
Based on tonight's hometowns I would say this is Chase's last night with us. JoJo seems to genuinely care for Luke, Robby, and Jordan more. I also believe there is a lack of passion with Chase. Bummer, because he's my second fave to Luke.

AND THEN... she says she needs to say goodbye to Luke. WHAT?! But before she gives the first rose out Luke pulls her away. SHIT! Luke tells JoJo he loves her, and now she's really in a pickle. Decisions, decisions...


Now I'll be going to have myself a good cry.

Join me next Wedensday AND Thurday for a Recap of Ep 9 and The Men Tell All!


  1. My mouth literally dropped open when she said she was going to get rid of Luke! What?? They easily had the best date and it kind of makes me mad because I feel like the only reason she was going to send him home is because he is the only one that hadn't outright said "I love you" which shouldn't be a requirement. I thought he was the winner after their date and now I have no clue!

  2. I seriously couldn't believe it when she said that she wanted to send Luke home! I mean was she not on her own date? He's perfect and so romantic and so down to earth! I might quit the show if he gets sent home next week!

  3. Thanks for posting the song. I loved it but didn't know what it was. Luke's date...yes please. I loved the sofa made of bales of hay with pretty blankets and pillows. I need that. He has a confidence about him that makes him hot. When she said she was going to send him home I was like whatttttt??? Chase went up a few notches on that date. He seemed way more comfortable in his own element. - Crystal

    1. Dan+Shay was the "concert" they went to see on their first one on one. These producers and editors are sooooo good. I was so convinced he was THE ONE!

  4. Great recap. I was jaw in the floor when she said get rid of Luke! I mean lady, what do ya want! Great song. I didn't catch that she didn't bring flowers to chases family. I also thought Jordan said don't bring up Aaron and she did 2x. Smh

  5. Do you watch Dave Nealz? On YouTube? I have linked him in my recaps...he is great - I love his recaps!

  6. I couldn't believe it either! Now to wait 2 friggin weeks to see who it is :(

  7. I was shocked by the Luke "decision" as well... and how dare they make us wait a week! Also hoping Chase can pull ahead and/or not be eliminated..... if he doesn't make it, I'd say he's a great contender for the next Bachelor!


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