Blogging the Bachelorette 12.7

Welcome back Bachelorette fans! After a week off, we are now heading to rural Argentina with JoJo, Alex, Robby, Jordan, Chase, Luke, and James Taylor.

At this point Alex is the only one who hasn't had a 1 on 1 and he's really hoping this week will be his week.

Chris Harrison arrives and indeed Alex will be going on the 1 on 1! The guys are told they will be traveling into the country. Alex will be riding with JoJo, and the rest of the guys will be taking a bus.

1 on 1 #1
Alex and JoJo are driven by black sedan and share road snacks and do some thumb wrestling. JoJo is comfortable with Alex, but just doesn't feel the romance.

The guys are traveling via what the producers want us to think is a rickety old bus, but the Mercedes symbol is clear as day on the front of the frickin' thing.

Alex and JoJo have a fairly uneventful date as gauchos (what ever the hell that is). It only gets interesting when the real gaucho starts "controlling" his horse. This gaucho guy is contorting this horse all of these different ways. It was... interesting. Actually, it was really effing weird.

During the evening portion Alex admits to JoJo that he's falling in love. It is immediately written on JoJo's face that this dude's about to get dumped, even though there are no roses being handed out on this weeks 1 on 1s. JoJo let's Alex know that she doesn't feel "as excited as she should" after her declaration of love. Alex is PISSED. He immediately makes everything awkward and leaves without looking her in the eyes again.

1 on 1 #2
The second 1 on 1 goes to known other than Jordan! Jordan gets a horrible rap in the media, but I find him very enjoyable on this date as he and JoJo stomp grapes, drink the feet juice, and make out in a random hot tub.

Jordan sense of humor continues to shine at dinner and you can tell that JoJo is smitten! Jordan opens up about his family and that his bother Aaron doesn't even know he's on the show! Reading between the lines, Jordan think his brother is a sell out and football is his entire life. He may also have some residual bad feelings from being compared to Aaron his entire life.

On this date, Jordan admits he LOVES JoJo, and her reaction is if she's been waiting to hear that her whole life.

Group Date
James Taylor, Chase, and Robby's outdoor and active date is rained out. The guys and JoJo hit up a hotels suite where they play games you'd see at a twelve-year-old's sleep over.

JT shoves a million french fries in his mouth (gross) and Robby is dared to strip down to his "undies" and run through the hotel (yum).

This week James Taylor creates even more drama.  He tells JoJo that Robby has a wondering eye, to a point where they all call him "W-E-R" (Wandering Eye Robby.) This guy is so full of sh*t that if he's the next Bachelor I might have to boycott. LIAR! However, Robby grows on me every week.

Here's what you need to know from each guys' 1 on 1 time:
Robby is over his ex girlfriend whom he dated for 3.5 years and has been broken up with for 4.5 months.
Chase is scared, but ready. What for, I'm not sure.
James Taylor thinks JoJo has a real connection with him, and only a physical connection with some of the others. He's ready to take JoJo home and make her his woman.

According to James Taylor, Jordan and Luke are the front runners and Robby slightly disagreed. Robby gets the group date rose AND get alone time that even. Suck on that JT.

1 on 1 #3
JoJo takes Luke on a date with horses and skeet shooting. She reports he's "a real man." I think she means this in a he's-a-man's-man sort of way not in a, I-thought-he-possibly-had-a-vagina kind of way, And that pretty much sums up the date.

Rose Ceremony
Luke arrives home from his date to report that there will be no cocktail party. All the guys agree that either Chase or James Taylor is going home tonight.

The guys are right as Luke and Jordan get the first two roses, leaving Chase and James hoping for the same rose.

Country boy James Taylor gets sent home, and he leaves with dignity and class. I like him a little more now.

See you next week for my favorite episode of the season!
We'll be visiting the hometowns of Chase, Jordan, Luke, and Robby!


  1. I think James Taylor was feeling insecure, because there was no other reason to say those things about Robby. I agree he left with class though! This episode was a little boring to me, and I think it's because it was obvious from last week that the two going home were Alex and JT. Now I really have no idea what's going to happen so I'm excited for hometowns!

    1. I agree, I also think James Taylor was feeling very insecure!

  2. I didn't notice the Mercedes on the front of the bus! I loved the colorful bus. Love that you called it "feet juice". I like Jordan and JoJo together. She looks smitten. I think he is pretty funny. At the beginning of the season I really liked James Taylor but then he started stirring the pot and being insecure so he dropped down in my opinion. However, I completely agree that he left in a classy way and I felt bad for him. Loved the review! Have a great week. - Crystal

  3. I feel the same way about Jordan, and he's my favorite to win the whole thing!
    Green Fashionista

  4. I've actually never watched the show, but I see so many recaps that I may just have to cave eventually haha.

  5. I really liked James Taylor so I was sad to see him go, but he really was stirring up so much drama! I'm fully rooting for Luke now!

  6. Loved your slumber party comment and your synopsis of the one on one time on the group is ready but not sure for what. James t had some self esteem issues for sure...

  7. I forgot one more thing...agree what in the hel is a gaucho...I thought they were pants! The horse mounting was disturbing

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