Blogging the Bachelorette: 12.6

Hello! Time for another Summary of the bachelorette party! This week we are in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Let's recap. We've got Jordan, Chase, Derek, Luke, Wells, James Taylor, Robby, and Alex left for this magical week in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1 on 1
Wells scores the only 1 on 1 on the week and it's all about KISSING! Wells admits to the guys that he is the only one left who hasn't kissed JoJo, and all the other guys basically think he's a boy among men.

they guys' reaction to Wells' news

JoJo and Wells spend some time in a market and then end at a cultural center. There is some "performance art" happening which reminds me a little too much of a birthing video I saw in my 9th grade health class. These half naked people are swimming around in a suspended blow up pool.... I think (?).

It's all about the kiss, the kiss, the kiss! Wells lands his first kiss in the birth canal! Yay, Wells!

They then go to a dinner and discuss what their looking for in love and past relationships. The kiss in the birth canal wasn't enough, as DJ Wells is sent back to America from Argentina. AdiĆ³s, amigo!

Group Date
Robby, Alex, James Taylor, Luke, and Jordan go on this week's group date. And let's just say this is a group of total tortas de carne. The guys and JoJo see all that Buenos Aires have to offer. Of course another sport is involved to remind us of how athletic Jordan is. Gag.

James Taylor is down on himself the entire time because he doesn't understand how JoJo would like him amongst this "all star cast."

The cocktail portion of the date brings a hot and heavy make out with Luke and more insecurity from James Taylor. The highlight of the evening is when James Taylor calls out Jordan for acting "entitled."

JoJo decides to confront Jordan, and here's what I feel is going on. JoJo is Andi and Jordan is Josh Murray. We all know how that turned out. Move on, girl.

By the end of this date, Jordan and James are no longer BFFs and Luke gets the group date rose.


2 on 1
Chase vs. Derek - It Only Takes Two - to tango of course!

So the first part of this date is really awkward. First, the dance instructor's kitty is out and she's falling out of her top. Next it this weird tango with JoJo, Chase, and Derek peppered with reasons why both Chase and Derek this they've got this in the bag.

Later at dinner, each guy gets time with JoJo. Derek is making me cringe. To go along with the earlier portion of the date, he's awkward. He's kind of dorky and uses the word "frickin" a lot. She's the most beautiful frickin girl he's ever seen and he had the best frickin night.

And he frickin gets eliminated...

Derek leaves in epic franchise fashion - crying and set to opera music.

Rose Ceremony

JoJo is looking great in a sapphire mermaid evening gown, but she has a lot of decisions to make. Who will be one step closer to hometowns?

She has a slight meltdown as she holds the final rose in her hand. It's James vs. Alex. She turns and runs to the comfort of Chris Harrison's arms. Alex  basically wants her to man up and come back and "do what she came here to do."

She comes back composed and just as we think we're about to see BOTH guys go home, out comes TWO roses and both guys are in to next week!

Alex shoots his mouth off again about "pity roses" and I'm about ready to put him on mute for the rest of the season.

Only six continue ...


  1. Is it bad that I have never seen an episode of this show? I feel so out of the loop haha.

  2. I feel like this season is going by so fast. I still haven't watched one episode but I don't have to. Your recaps are so good I get all the info I need. Plus, my coworkers are totally obsessed with this show. They talk about it non-stop. haha

  3. I could barely watch the JoJo/Luke make-out session..... super steamy!!
    And yes, after Derek's monologue about how much he frickin' likes JoJo, I had to check to see how old/what his job was but it didn't really help clue me in on why he was talking like that. She made the right decision there... but I kind of wish she would just cut the "dead wood" because it's pretty obvious who the front-runners are here.

  4. I couldn't agree more about Derek, I was so ready for him to get off my TV screen weeks ago. Excellent idea if we could mute Alex for the remainder of the season! I really thought he would be sent packing this week but surely next week. I really can't see them together. JoJo looked smoking hot in her rose ceremony dress. - Crystal

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