Blogging the Bachelorette 12.4

This week was a "two night extravaganza" and had me totally fan girling. If you missed the recap of Monday night episode, make sure to check it out here.

Now, on to Night 2...

Pool Party
Night 2 starts with the conclusion of the pool party. As a reminder, Chad has threatened to cut people up in pieces. Shortly after, he seems to be turning over a new leaf and keeping to himself.

JoJo arrives and the pool party goes swimmingly (haha). But as soon as she leaves Chad gets into it with Derek after he found out Derek gave JoJo the heads up that the security was because of him. Uh, he was doing so good.

Rose Ceremony
As reminder (since this two night, split episode thing has me scrambling) Chase, Evan, and James Taylor are safe and already have roses going in to this ceremony. Once again, JoJo gives Chad her last rose - sending Ali, Nick, and Christian out the door.

JoJo, Grant, James F, Vinny, Derek, Chad, James, Robby, Alex, Jordan, Wells, Evan, Chase, Daniel, and Luke move out of the Bachelor mansion and end up in my home state of Pennsylvania!

I can tell right away that they are in Western PA, because where I'm from in Eastern PA it's much more urban. I was so happy about ABC featuring what we have to offer in my great state. The guys and JoJo end up at this gorgeous resort, which I am going to have look up (it would be a great stop over for me and Nick when visit my 'rents). JoJo arrives by plane and the guys arrive via 'mudding' which is totally a thing in Western Pennsylvania (believe it or not).

1 on 1

Luke gets his first 1 on 1 of the season and it's about damn time. Luke ends up chopping wood to heat a very fun wood burning hot tub. It was nice to watch.

She then takes him to dinner and he opens up about being a veteran and the things he saw in the war. It was very honest and open and he gets a rose!

They then enjoy a concert from Dan + Shay concert - another great country act!

Group Date

Vinny, James F, James Taylor, Derek, Chase, Wells, Daniel, Jordan, and Robby go to the famous Heinz Field (home of the Pittsburgh Steelers!). So, another football date tailored just for Jordan. I'm starting to wonder if the producers are trying influence JoJo...

The guys first meet Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger or "Big Ben" as native Pennsylvanians call him. I'm surprised he's still around. He was hot shit when I was in college in Western PA from 2002-2006. Let me tell ya, he is looking old.

The guys are put through a serious of football drills, and I feel bad for Evan and Wells. Can't they get a date where they get to shine? However, they are great sports and seem to be having fun. James Taylor gets clocked in the head and ends up with a  nice gash requiring stitches.

The guys split up in to two teams and are told winners get to go party with JoJo, losers are going home. Jordan gets to be all-time QB so he's in for the party. Again, wtf? Blue Team (thanks to Derek) pulls out a win over White Team. At this point I don't remember who was on what team. White Team goes back and Blue Team gets more time with JoJo!

Here's what I remember for the cocktail portion of the evening...

JoJo and Robby make out like a pair of horny 16 year olds.

It's clear JoJo wants to move forward with Jordan, but he's "hard to read." He takes her outside and they have a moment in front of the fountain where he tells her he's "falling for her." I felt like the moment was forced. Like producers told Jordan to open up or get sent packing.

Jordan scored the group date rose for opening up.

2 on 1
Let me tell you why I love 2 on 1 dates: there's tons of pressure, they are usually awakard, and the producers put the two people who don't get along on these dates for a head to head.

This episode's 2 on 1 was no exception. Alex vs. Chad, or as Vinny puts it Good vs. Evil. It turns out to be the most awkward hike through the woods in the history of the world. No one says much and I'm wonder who the hell gave Chad a machete?! He talked about cutting the other contestants into pieces like just a hot second ago.

Not to mention he basically told Jordan he was going to hunt him down after the show ended...

The awkward silence continues as they set up their pinic area, until JoJo finally takes Alex away for  chat. Alex proceeds to tell JoJo about Chad's antics.

Chad tries to deny, deny, deny. After some tears (JoJo) and heated words (Chad and Alex) JoJo feels that she has given Chad enough chances, and offers the sole rose to Alex.

JoJo is finally relieved to had Chad out of the middle of her relationship with Alex. They head to a cozy lodge and get their kiss on.

Alas this is the end of Chad...

Or not...

Make sure to stop back in TWO WEEKS to find out how the Chad drama finally ends.

Until then!


  1. I love the guys doing their dive into the pool. That was good! Who was the guy in the suit? I couldn't tell. I completely agree about the resort they went to. I put that on my mental to do list. It looks beautiful! Great review of the show. I can't believe we have to wait two weeks to see the show again! - Crystal

  2. Why can't Luke smile? I wonder if his smile muscles don't work. I see in his bio pic that he's able to (loosely), but the brooding look is a little much ALL. The. TIME!
    Chad is a nut job and Evan annoys me. But you already know this :)

  3. Can't wait to see what unfolds with Chad stalking the other guys in the house, or... ?
    I didn't why Alex seemed so happy. Sure, Jojo chose him over Chad, but ONLY because Chad something violent and threatening. So, if that hadn't happened, it's clear he would've been the one out. Surely, he understands that?
    Also, did Luke not think it was weird to be literally put on a pedestal in front of hundreds of screaming women during his date? I think I'd prefer a bit more privacy :)

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