Blogging the Bachelorette 12.2

Welcome to Week 2 of The Bachelorette. Today we delve into a the dates and debacles in the house.

This week dates are about to start and the guys are officially moved in to Bachelor Mansion. The Rise of Chad starts with this amazing toast...

"To a beautiful girl, to a beautiful life; f*ck you guys, I'm gunna make her my wife."

Personally I found it very clever and funny. The guys in the house... not so much.

Group Date #1

Luke, Grant, Will, Evan, Daniel, Vinny, Wells, Robby, Ali, and James F get invited on some sort of fireman date. Grant is on this date. He happens to be a fire fighter so he's totally got this one in the bag. The guys are taken to a fire academy and put through the ringer with several fire cadet drills.

Grant wins the whole sha-bang and Wells nearly passes out from exhaustion. No surprise on either front. Wells gets extra time while he's lying half dead in the sun and Grant gets extra time before the cocktail party.

Meanwhile back at home the guys (minus Chad) are bonding by writing a song about JoJo. It's like summer camp! This is serious shit tho, you guys. One guy had a pad and pen. JoJo, where did you gooooo, you've been on date, we've been missing you at hoooooome... kinda catchy.

At the cocktail party Robby is wearing a mock turtle neck that really gives me the creeps. When I picture the type of guy who wears a mock turtle neck it's a college professor in his late 50s with a white beard and glasses who's screwing his grad assistant. #creepyoldman

Wells bags the group date rose.

Kisses go to Grant and Luke. Oh, Luke.

1 on 1

Derek gets invited on the very first 1 on 1 of the season! I put Derek in my Top 3 during my Tune In post so I'm hoping he goes far this season.

They actually have a very fun date where they made choices that lead them to a picnic overlooking Golden Gate Bridge.

Derek is very quiet and reserved which makes me nervous for the future. Can he open up enough to create something real with JoJo? For now, he's safe and he gets a rose and multiple kisses.

I'll admit I was a little distracted during this date. Does Derek not look like John Krasinski?! Come on! #HOT

Group Date #2

Jordan, Nick, Christian, James Taylor, Alex, and Chad are taken to ESPN studios. The guys arrive and JoJo is sitting at the anchor desk auditioning for her next job. Two guys from SportsNation which I've never heard until this moment are there to help Jojo discover which guys have the most potential.

After victory spiking the rose challenge (points for Jordan's double knee slide and Chad's cartwheel), mock proposals, and interviews, the SportsNations guy rank Marine Alex 3rd, Chad 2nd, and James Taylor 1st!

Chad is actually making good points - that he doesn't know Jojo, he doesn't know what he loves about her yet, but he knows that he wants to fall in love. All valid points, but delivered oh, so, horribly! I feel like he is just so angry. It could be because he mom passed away 6 months ago (which he reveals at the the group date cocktail party). If I were his therapist I would say that because of his mother's death he's afraid of close relationships (even with other guys!). He has a fear of losing someone else he has bonded with.

So Chad's hatefest of everyone who isn't him immedately ramps up at the second group date cocktail party. He's getting too much for me.

Also, why did Jojo take Alex, the shortest guy ever, over to the over sized chair! He jumps up and looks like a child!

The boys from SportsNation really got Jojo's wheels turning because she chooses to gives James Taylor the group date rose.

The Cocktail Party

Let's start with the sappy stuff...
Chase didn't have a date this week, but he's serious about pursuing JoJo. He creates a mini date for JoJo including SNOW because he's from Denver and loves the winter. Don't know how all that snow in Denver doesn't melt, because Chase just melting my heart.

Now on to Chad...
So, this whole episode has been taken up by his douchery so I decided to find humor in him at the rose ceremony...

Such as when he was eating all the deli meat. I mean you have to admit it was funny, and it was even funnier is when he was sitting by the fire by himself eating ham. I think he was pondering life's deepest questions.

Gawd, that was a lot of deli meat.

Alex is not standing for Chad's behavior. He's concerning himself with it way too much. And we know from seasons past that those guys lose site of the girl, get caught up in the drama, and get sent packing. Womp, womp.

Collectively as a group the guys decide to confront Chad. However, Chad has me on the floor laughing with his analogy of West Side Story. I. Was. Dying.

The Rose Ceremony

Chase, James S., and Brandon did not get dates this week so they really hoping to get roses. James Taylor, Derek, and Wells are through to next week.

It turns out JoJo gives her final rose of the evening to Chad, sending Will, Bachelor Super Fan James S, and Hipster Brandon home. Tough break for James S and Brandon who didn't get dates either this week.

Quotes of The Night:

"When you miss a meal and you look like that it's detrimental to your progress. At least that's what I've heard from him. I wouldn't know." - James S

"I'm not going to miss out on this tasty fruit." - Chad

"She going to keep Alex around because she doesn't want American to think she hates short people." - Chad
Until next week Bachelor Nation...


  1. Derek totally looks like John Krasinski and also the guy from Bachelor Pad who ended up marrying Lacey!

  2. Oh man I totally forgot to watch this. Haha.

  3. Poor Wells on that group date, but I guess he got the last laugh on that one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Great review! I love the quotes at the end. Chad's commentary and fascination with lunch meat was entertaining! I love the group picture with the X's through the guys that have been sent packing. It helps me keep track of them. Have a great day! - Crystal

  5. I thought it was interesting that 2/3 guys that didn't get dates ended up going home. I thought usually the guys that didn't get dates were front runners and safe through the week, but maybe I am remembering that wrong! Chad is cocky but he will eventually shoot himself in the foot. No way that guy is winning lol

  6. That gif at the end of your post is killing me... bwahahaha.
    Funny you should mention the John Krasinski thing, because I kept showing the screen to my husband, "LOOK, they are the same person!!!" He's all like, "ehhhh, kinda". Pffftt. So thank you - I completely agree ;) There was also a funny quote Chad said about a protein shake, somethingsomething but I can't remember what it was. Looking forward to Chadsplosion next week.

  7. I love your recap and that gif of Chad eating! OMG lol. I love your picture with the red x's too! and love that you are a lover of strike through text. Apparently I am full of love!
    Derek totally looks like John Krasinski. Please help me figure out who the superfan reminded me of - I swear it is a killer from L&O or Criminal Minds.
    ~Kerry (the other half of fabindeed.

  8. The tv was on this week, but I honestly missed the whole thing. It's too bad chad is so terrible. He's so cute.

  9. OMG yes to Derek = John Krasinski! I kept saying that to Nick and he was like no way, but he really does!! I liked him, I hope he goes far!

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