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Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and you aren't too bummed out to be back at work.

I'd like you all to meet Alisa today! She was brave enough to send in her selfie and tell us about her favorite clothes and products. I love to feature real women because I think we can learn a lot from each other and be encouraged by each other!

I met Alisa a little over a year ago in Baltimore at a week-long CSA training for the company we worked for. We worked in the same position except she was in the Seattle office and I worked in the Grand Rapids office. We ended up sitting next to each other at a dinner and got time to chat and get to know each other! I learned that along with that amazing fashion sense of hers that Alisa is a smart, joyful, and sincere person.


 Age 26
Born and raised in Seattle, Washington!
Works as a Customer Support Associate.
Works out four to five days a week!
Youngest in her family with three older brothers!
Volunteers at Bread of Life Homeless Shelter.
Her and her friends like to travel, exercise, and go out occasionally together.

FAVORITES TO WEAR: denim dresses, high waisted jeans, open toed heels, combat boots, leggings, and fitted hats
ABOUT HER STYLE: "I have a pretty relaxed style, but I like to look cute when I go out."
FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Cocoa Butter soap and stick. "After a long day they really help rejuvenate my face!"
SHORT TERM GOALS: Get a new apartment.
LONG TERM GOALS: Work in the mass communications field.
PASSIONS: "To always be a mentor to my family and friends. It is a great feeling knowing someone wants to follow in your footsteps."
BEST FEATURE: Her smile! "I love to be happy and show my teeth!"
"My parents keep my motivated to succeed in life because I have seen were they have come from and have made a way for their kids."

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  1. I love women/people who are motivated by their parents and especially people who volunteer for a great cause! What a special person!!