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Today I am participating in my very first linkup! I'm excited to join in on the Friday fun!


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Happy Birthday, Jackie!  
 Can you believe this gal turns 46 today?! And, yes, this is a recent picture. She did the Spartan Race in July!
My Jackie came into my life about 12 years ago when she started dating my handsome, bachelor dad. They married nearly 10 years ago and our family has never been the same since! Stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday! <Hopefully she doesn't mind that I just revealed her age.>

I am finally getting some traction with my Avon business! I put together a basket for auction for my company's charity event. A lot of my co workers have seen it and are asking for books.
The best part is that anyone anywhere can order via my website and have it shipped directly to their home. This really comes in handy when my Pennsylvania friends and family want to purchase Avon products.
You can take advantage of this too! Just visit I use a lot of Avon products so if you have questions or need recommendations just e-mail me!

US Gymnastics Championships
I am a huge gymnastics fan! I have followed it since my childhood. My favorite gymnasts of all time are Shannon Miller and Nastia Liukin.
Last night I watched the first night of the ladies' competition on the NBC Sports Network (thank you DirecTV). There are a lot of new faces in the field this year (which is always fun) and two recognizable faces - Fierce Five team members Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney.
I can't wait to see who clinches the nation title this year (live on NBC Saturday 8pm EST)!


Kate's First Appearance After Baby
I am so excited that Kate's first official engagement/appearance after becoming a mom will take place on September 12th. She will be accompanying her husband, Prince William, to the Tusk Trust Conservation Awards. Wills is on the board and big supporter of the Tusk Trust. I'm excited to see what she will be wearing and if she gives any more details on Prince George!
Who do you think will be watching Prince George while his parents attend the awards? My money is on Grandma Carole Middleton!

Work is in Full Swing!
I have been really jazzed about work this week. Early in the week I was invited to be on the Cruise In committee. I am so excited and so honored to be asked. Not only will this allow me to pick up some extra hours, but more importantly I get to work on something I am passionate about (charity events). The company I work for hosts a Cruise In benefit every year. Each year the Cruise In benefits a different community member - most likely someone who is struggling financially due to a trauma, tragedy, illness, or unforeseen circumstance. I will be helping to plan the event - gathering donations, coordinating day of, etc.
We are also kicking off our fall wellness programs for our employees. I have so much work to do to get that going. I'm excited to be in charge of and administering all of our fall programs including the Lean Nutrition and Renew You programs.
I am so grateful that I work for a company that values me and trusts me to spearhead different projects! We have a great president, an owner/CEO that has dedicated himself to the company for 40 years, a culture that heavily promotes  work/life balance, and a work force that is super friendly!



  1. YAY! Congrats on your first link up! I happen to love a handful of them so if you want to know about some really fun and popular ones, just ask me!! Kate is pretty awesome! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. What an awesome idea! I love Avon too. I don't run a business threw them but I definitely buy a lot, haha. Might check out your website for anything I'd like to add to my collection :)

    Debra Bros

  3. Hey !!!! Thinkin' of me on my birthday while we were flying home from Chicago !!! Thanks, and nope I don't mind you revealing my age, it's all relative !!! Love ya kiddo !!

  4. I am a huge gymnastics fan too! I could watch it alll day!!