Five on Friday LinkUp - Home Edition

I had so much fun participating in this linkup last Friday that I've decided to do it again! Have a great weekend everyone!


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Naked Walls  
I have bare walls everywhere in my house. I am pretty picky about what goes up and I haven't found any great art or anything else to put on the walls. Any suggestions for a master bedroom, living room, and stairway?

The Deck

I love having a deck. It's very convenient. However, our deck is on it's last leg. The wood is splitting and it shakes all over the place when I use the stairs. It's scary!This is on my wish list to have torn down and redone.

 Kitchen Cosmetics

The kitchen hardware is not my style at all. It's all in good shape and its not SUPER hideous so I haven't changed it yet. I'd love to go more modern with silver or stainless steel-ish colored hardware. I've wanted one of those Delta hands free faucets before I even bought a house. The drawer pulls in the after photo will tie in well with the hardware on my entertainment center in the living room and give the main level some cohesion.


Dining Room Carpet
Really? There's really carpet in the dining area? Not really a design choice I would have made. Plus, the owners before us had kids and the carpet was already stained when we moved in. I'd love to rip it out and replace it with wood that matches what's in the kitchen and main level hallways. For now - I'm looking for a reasonably priced carpet cleaning service. 

We've needed to add color to our main level since we moved in last year. We started by painting a light mocha colored accent wall in the living room - but that's still a neutral. I picked out a color called Empire Fleet Blue for the kitchen and dining area. I feel like blue is a good color for a kitchen. After I painted a swatch on the wall my husband decided to inform me that "we aren't painting this year." Ok, sure. Maybe he's not painted this year, but I sure am. In fact, I'd like to get it done over Labor Day weekend. I continued to tape off the baseboards...



  1. I've had some great luck getting posters at Michaels or Bed, Bath, and Beyond-- you can find pretty much anything from Van Gogh prints to kid prints.. then you get a frame to put them in and they look like classic art.

  2. Can't wait to see the completed project! Love love love that deck!