Dinner: Impossible

This is his "nice" face. Watch out!

Robert Irvine, currently starring in Restaurant: Impossible, is my favorite Food Network personality. Honestly, I love him because he doesn't take any bull and calls out people for acting like idiots (was that mean? Don't we all need a little tough love?).  He started on the Food Network in 2007 on Dinner: Impossible. On each episode of Dinner: Impossible Chef Robert Irvine, along with his two sous-chefs, George and George, must complete a different culinary challenge in a limited amount of time. Robert and my ideas of what Dinner: Impossible means somewhat differ. Robert, on his show, is a trained chef, loves the culinary arts, and is challenged to make five star meals for hundreds of people in a short time frame. To me Dinner: Impossible means just cooking or getting dinner on the table.

I don’t cook… EVER. That is not an exaggeration. I mentioned in my “A Little Dirt Never Hurt” post that I am a much undomesticated goddess. Cooking to me is warming up a can of soup or throwing a frozen pizza in the oven. I do have to admit I am a pretty mean griller, but the problem is that you can’t grill year round in Michigan. Here’s the other problem… I plan ahead for everything else in my life except dinner. Instead of making a list and then preparing what I can ahead of time in my free time like every other normal wife, I’d rather read a book or watch TV.

My Dinner: Impossible challenge is to prepare home cooked meals 5 days in a row. Not soup or frozen food – actually buy ingredients, put them together, and bake them. My husband will never, ever cook (I can get him to make grilled cheese sandwiches and grill hot dogs on occasion). I’ve learned in five years of marriage that in order to get a home cooked meal I need to make it myself or go visit his mom (his mom has been on a gluten free, fat free, dairy free kick, so I can’t really even count on that anymore). Some girls long for back rubs, flowers, candy… I really long for a good home cooked meal made by someone other than myself. So, I have decided to cut into my book reading and TV watching time to make sure we have home cooked meals next week!

Robert Irvine always has a sous chef or side kick on his shows. I figured I need one too.

I picked Scout because he schedule is usually flexible and he is very good at cleaning up (the things I drop on the floor).

Wish me luck as I set off on my Dinner: Impossible mission! Feel free to start the mission in your household. Share your experience in the comments or on Facebook!

                                         I hope my husband doesn't critique my food like this!



















  1. welllllll how's it going ? You can do it !!! It's fun, gets you moving around and NEVER be afraid of spices !!!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I'm not much of a cook either which is why I've been trying to attempt some recipes this summer. Good luck with this!