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I love my PYT ceramic styling tool. I was first introduced to it at my local mall. A cute little kiosk was set up in the middle of the mall displaying the line of Pretty Young Thing styling tools. There is a reason I don’t call it a hair straightener or a flat iron. This bad boy can not only straighten, but also creates waves or curls. Once I had this I got rid of all my other styling tools. This does the job for me!

Let’s talk about curling and waving first. My hair is not the type to hold style without a boat load of hairspray. When I curled my hair with a traditional curling iron my curls were flat within an hour (even with hairspray!), and it took forever! I can curl or wave my hair in probably half the time with this tool and no more crunchy curls! The best part is that the curls actually stay in.

I have naturally wavy hair and when I let it air dry it can be a little out of control. It has a mind of its own – curly in some places, wavy in others, straight anywhere else. This tool glides through my hair and smoothes it out without catching, frying, or having to pull it through multiple times.

straight hair

loose waves/curls
tighter curls

Here’s the science according to the company’s website (

The extra high grade ceramic is a superior heat conductor that generates far-infrared heat. Far infrared heat locks in moisture with each smooth pass, styling hair to a perfectly frizz-free sheen. The unique floating plate design will not leave creases as you style, giving you the potential to create sleek and straight hair, flirty flips, voluminous waves, or perfect curls. The floating plates also ensure precise contact between hair and plates to eliminate tugging.  Adjustable temperature ranging from 140˚F to 450˚F allows for absolute temperature control to match any hair type.

Here are the features with my notes:

+ 100% Extra High Grade Ceramic – Most flat irons are ceramic coated. This means that the outside of the plates are coated in ceramic, but the inside is a different type of metal. Ceramic coated plates wear down and scratch easier than plates that are 100% ceramic making their lifetime much shorter before they need to be replaced.

+ 1.25 inch Wide Floating Plates – Good plate size. Not too big, not too small.

 + 9 foot 360˚ swivel cord – Love this feature! How many times  have you switched sides or are trying to get to the back of your hair and the cord is either in your face or chokes you? This swivel feature keeps it out of the way!

 + 140˚F-450˚F Adjustable Temperature Control – This is great because you can adjust the dial to the amount of heat you need for your hair type which I feel helps minimize the damage to your hair. If I blow dry my hair I use a lower heat setting and if I don’t I use a higher temperature.

 + Easy Grip Heat Resistant Handle – It’s true that the handle and grip do not get hot. Pay attention when you are picking it up though. The fastest way to get a burn is to accidently pick it up too close to the plates. They get HOT.

 + Dual Voltage 150W Power Output – LOVE THIS! I love to travel. When my husband and I went to Europe in May all I had to do, because the product is dual voltage, was purchase a plug adapter/power converter and pack it in my suitcase along with the tool!

 + Ready to use in 10 seconds – It may when you first buy it. The older it gets the slower it is, but it’s still really fast (I would say under 3 minutes)!

 + 1 year Limited Warranty – Only if you buy it through an authorized Pretty Young Thing dealer.

Photo by: Ashley E. Angle

Alright, here’s the kicker... it costs $200. You can purchase the PYT ceramic styling tool from the company’s official website and they are available at higher end beauty supply stores. You can “talk down” the sales person at the mall Kiosk to $100 and they offer payments. They also offer free hair styling if you purchase the tool from them. They will style your hair with PYT products for free for a night out, wedding, etc. if you let them know in advance when you are coming... OR you can purchase the product on Amazon which is what I opted to do. I got it for $40 and free shipping! What a steal!  The only downside is since Amazon is not an authorized PYT dealer I did not get the warranty. However, I have been careful not to drop it or abuse it (too much) and it has been working fine for me for over a year now. It would have been cool to get the free hair styling, but I chose the economical way to go.

Check to see if your mall has a PYT kiosk. The PYT stylist will show you all the different features (including teaching you how to curl with it). It’s always best to try before you buy (when possible)!

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