It's the Pits!

Photo by: Ashley E. Angle

Okay, ladies... let's talk about deodorant. We all need it and we all should be using it. I've tried many different deodorants from Suave to Lady Speed Stick. I want a lot out of my deodorant - 1) I want something with a light scent so it doesn't over power my perfume 2) something that works on sensitive skin (yes, I have gotten rashes from my deodorant!) and 3) something that lasts all day. I was also seeing dark marks under my arms after shaving (yup, I'm getting candid). It was so annoying how noticeable it was! Little did I know was that shaving irritation was actually the culprit of the dark marks.

Then Dove Clear Tone Skin Renewal Deodorant came into my life. I decided to try it after seeing the commercial which promised that the product would help diminish dark spots. I knew it at least couldn't hurt. So did this product check all my boxes? It comes in a scent called Sheer Touch which gives a light, fresh scent - check. I have not gotten any rashes, itching, or irritation from it - check. I do not need to carry a stick or a travel size with me to reapply - check. The best part is that the product actually does what it advertises! Like any dark spot correcting treatments (serums, creams, lotions, etc) you have to give it time to work. I started seeing results in 6 to 8 weeks (and I apply my deodorant before leaving the house in the morning and apply a thin layer at night after showering, before going to bed).

Photo by: Ashley E. Angle
Clear Tone has a unique formula made with calendula and sunflower seed extracts. The extracts help to moisturize and accelerate the natural skin renewal process to reduce dark marks. Again, the key is that it works with regular use and over time. My underarm skin now matches the tone of the skin on the rest of my body, and I don't get painful red bumps or rashes anymore! You really can't beat this especially since it also offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection. I bought a stick at my local grocery store for $3.99. Prices may vary depending on sales and the store you go to. I suggest giving it a try, but when it comes to deodorant different women have different needs.

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