Meet Jennifer...

Jennifer, 23, better known as Princess Nifah, is on her way up in the beauty scene. She's living her dream as a young entrepreneur in the beauty industry in Montreal. Princess Nifah runs her own mobile beauty institute called Au Palais de la Beauté (The Beauty Palace) and hosts a beauty web show called Lumière sur la Beauté (Light on Beauty). She also enjoys writing articles for her personal blog to give young women advice about relationships and dating (it's in French!).

In this photo Jennifer is wearing her hair naturally curly. She curled it a bit more in order to achieve a more polished style. She is wearing MAC Matchmaster foundation and green and gold eye shadows. On the lips, is Maybelline lipstick in Warm Up.
As a beauty advisor and makeup artist, Princess Nifah has a simple beauty routine that she recommends to everyone and it's all about having clean, healthy skin! In the morning,  she washes her face with face cleanser, tones it with a toner, hydrates it with face cream, and protects it by using an SPF 30 sun cream. Before going to bed, Jennifer makes sure to take off her makeup with makeup remover. She often uses olive oil and baby wipes to take it off.  She then washes her face, tones it, and uses a hydrating cream. "Please make sure you use products that are appropriate to your skin type," Princess Nifah cautions. "I use Neutrogena products since they set me free from acne when I was a teenager."

You can learn even more beauty tips and tricks from Princess Nifah by staying in touch via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can follow her via twitter @PrincesseNifah and follow her company Facebook fan page and Instagram @AuPalaisdelaBeauté. 

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