Tips for the Perfect Picnic

Try a picnic backpack. Baskets can be bulky and awkward. Picnic backpacks are a very popular option as your food, cutlery, and drinks are neatly stowed. Most even come with a corkscrew and cutting board! It also leaves you hands free to ride your bike to your picnic destination!

Pack baby wipes. Keep baby wipes on hand for spills, sticky hands or faces, or to clean dishes. They already come in portable packaging!

Use a waterproof picnic blanket. Look for a PVC-coated, waterproof picnic blanket. It's great for days when the ground is moist and also for any spills or unforeseen rain showers.

Keep your drink bug free with mason jar sippers or another cup with a lid. The sweet, sticky drinks of summer are havens for bugs and bees. Keep them out by using a cup with a lid and a straw. Perfect for kids too!

Use frozen water bottles as coolers. Make your beverage of choice do double duty! Freeze your water and use the bottle to keep your picnic items cold.

Buy screw top wine. Packing a corkscrew can cause extra bulk (if you don't have a backpack that comes with corkscrew). Save space in your picnic basket by buying and packing a wine with  a screw top.


  1. We used to have a picnic basket that we got as a gift. It was so cute but in reality I think we only used it once.

  2. Baby wipes is brilliant! I love love love picnics! I've decided I want to make sure we do one at least once/month.

  3. Such a cute post! Love your tips!

  4. Screw top wine for the win. That is all I bought for our Graeagle trip last week. No need for a wine opener. I love the mason jar idea.