Stay at Home Update

First, I hope you and your loved ones are all staying healthy! Second, before my riveting update let's do something fun! At the end of the post I'm going to link some of my blog posts that I worked really hard on and I'm really proud of. In the comments link a few favorites from your blog that I can go and read them!

On Monday our governor gave us our Stay at Home order which didn't change too much for me because my work had closed the week prior. The order is for three weeks!

I work in healthcare, in dermatology. Our office is closed for patient visits and we have limited hours everyday to answer phones and keep on paperwork. I'm only going to in to the office one day a week for about 3-6 hours and trying to do work from home whenever the opportunity presents itself. I filed for underemployment. So my 40+ hour work weeks seem like a thing of the distanct past!

Nick, Scout, and I are all staying healthy. We're not getting outside much because it's been pretty cold and gray. It even snowed! If it gets above 50 I try to go out for a small amount of time. I've been doing a lot of cooking, a lot of cleaning, some reading (American Royals by Katharine McGee), and binge watching including Ozark on Netflix.

This whole COVID-19 thing is crazy, uncertain, and can get scary! Following orders such as social distancing. The more we distance the faster we can stop the spread and get back to normal. Don't hoard or panic!

Here are those posts I talked about at the beginning. Don't forget to show me some of yours!


  1. I feel you girl. This social distancing thing is odd and hard but necessary. Stay strong!

  2. I'm sorry you aren't getting paid while you can't work!

  3. Oh man, girl. I'm sorry you had to file for underemployment. These times are ridiculously hard for so many. I'm definitely going to read more of these favorite posts of yours! Here are some of my favorites!

  4. Glad you are staying indoors & healthy! Here are two posts I'd like to share: