Hello, March.

March 2020 is bound to be epic.

First, March always starts off with a bang because our wedding anniversary is March 1! This year we celebrated 12 years!

Nick and I spent a lot of time together over the weekend and got out on Sunday for brunch! We tried a new-to-us place called Cherie Inn.

Nick looooves breakfast and this place had so many yummy options on the menu. The food did not disappoint and I especially loved my Mocha-Choca-Latte-Ya-Ya.

It was a really nice sunny day too!

Our anniversary is one of my favorite things to celebrate, but we went low key this year because later this month we are headed to Greece!

So, if you haven't heard, there's this thing called the coronavirus. Our tour is still on and we are still planning to go. I found a really good article from the Wall Street Journal about traveling during this time. We did receive an e-mail over the weekend stating those who have traveled from or visited China, South Korea, or Hong Kong within the 21 days prior to the tour may not got on the trip. We have a couple more weeks to go so think good thoughts, say some prayers, and put positive vibes out that nothing changes! 


  1. Happy anniversary! That brunch looks amazing. I have been wondering about traveling at this time. We're going to NJ in April, which isn't so risky, but then we were hoping to go to Israel in the summer!

  2. Happy Anniversary! That breakfast looks amazing and I hope you have a great time in Greece!

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Ahh, Greece sounds lovely!

  4. Yay for an upcoming trip to GREECE! So exciting! Have you ever been before? Also, all that food has me hankering for brunch...at 2 PM haha

  5. Good for you for taking a sane approach to the coronavirus! Have a great time!

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  6. Happy anniversary!!! Wow 12 years! That is awesome. I have my fingers and toes crossed that you are heading off to Greece soon!

  7. Oh my gosh, Greece! How fun!! *Crossing my fingers* that everything works out as planned. Those Bachelor memes have my dying. Those are gold! Happy Anniversary!